The President advised Russians not to buy products for the future

Russian President Vladimir Putin has advised Russians not to buy food, because deliveries to stores are reliable and stable. Shortage of goods will not.

the Russian leader on Tuesday during a visit to the information centre to monitor the situation with coronavirus together with the Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin discussed the situation.

the center has and system of monitoring product inventory and prices in stores in different regions of the country.

the System includes online video surveillance in stores and warehouses. The control of prices is conducted by incoming data receipts from the stores.

“Now people buy a lot of products. In fact, there are no problems, — said Mishustin. — We have a very stable situation with the supply”.

Authorities control the situation in the retail chains. “The average cost of the food basket monitored by us for each region down to the shops. This online information, and not some statistical calculations,” — said Mishustin.

“it is Important that people understand that [the situation] reliable not to waste money on products, which then have to be disposed of”, — stressed the head of state (quoted by TASS).

the Center was established to collect and analyse information on the development of the situation with coronavirus, to coordinate Federal and regional authorities in the fight against the virus. The center analyzes all messages in social networks, going official information about the spread of coronavirus in the world.

Previously, the government has simplified customs clearance for shipments of products and commodities, trading networks, preferential loans, if necessary, replenishment of current assets.

President Vladimir Putin has instructed the Prosecutor General together with the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) to strengthen control over food prices.

“We all see problems that arise with the coronavirus. With energy prices. We see the consequences of the global stock markets for currency”, — Putin said at the Collegium of the Prosecutor General.

All of this will affect the Russian economy. “It is therefore very important to continue the exchange of information with the Federal Antimonopoly service for combating offences in the field of price formation for food products”, — said the President.