the Cabinet of Ministers of Belarus Roman Golovchenko was headed by June 4, and Tuesday, July 14, his first visit to the new status arrived in Moscow. Mikhail Mishustin saw in this the confirmation of the special fraternal relations between the two countries and their mutual interest in developing cooperation. The Russian Cabinet of Ministers, noted its Chairman, took important decisions to create the conditions for further expansion of relations between the countries.

“I Hope that the Belarusian government under your leadership will work in the most constructive way,” – said Mishustin.

Golovchenko confirmed that his office keeps the focus on achieving win-win solutions on all topical issues. “We hope that the allied nature of our relations will allow us to find a compromise on all sensitive bilateral issues,” he said.

Such a sensitive topic in the past year and a half to Moscow and Minsk was the construction of the Union state. Government delegations have regular meetings, trying to agree on numerous “road map” of integration, and they did it in most areas.

Is our joint heritage that guarantees the citizens of Russia and Belarus broad economic and humanitarian rights. Disclosure of creative potential of the Union Treaty will allow to create qualitatively new conditions for economic cooperation and development of joint projects, – said Mikhail Mishustin.

this year the bilateral cooperation is the test of coronavirus infection. The indicators of trade turnover in the first five months declined slightly over the same period last year. Moreover, the main contribution to making the Russian export decreased more than 30 percent, while the Belarusian supplies only 7 percent. “This means that in these difficult conditions our Belarusian partners are successfully working at our market, which we welcome,” – said Mishustin. By the end of the year the government intend to make joint efforts to rectify the situation.

the Prime Minister Golovchenko the cause of the reduction in trade by 22 percent see the situation on the oil and gas market: “the deterioration of relations between the two countries, not any system problems. This external environment and a number of other crises that were superimposed”.

At the same time from Minsk, it still points to the untapped potential of integration. “It is impossible not to recognize the fact that not less sensitive is mutually lost profits from remaining barriers, exemptions and restrictions on access to domestic markets, – said the head of the Cabinet. We struggle with this on a bilateral basis and within the framework of Eurasian integration. However these facts continue to be”.

Areas of cooperation where the parties have good prospects, was named science, technology, and the digital economy. Mikhail Mishustin personally had a colleague a tour of the Federal tax service and told about the digital practices used by the tax authorities.

From Moscow Belarusian Prime Minister returned, after completing, as he put it, the task of the maximum. The talks resulted in signing of two protocols to the intergovernmental agreement on the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant and a separate agreement governing the conditions of energy supplies to Belarus. All the agreements, according to Golovchenko, in the interests of Minsk. “Only the construction of a nuclear power station the Republic has received savings of hundreds of millions of dollars. This is a Russian decision, which is very beneficial to our country,” he explained.

Now in Belarus waiting for Russia announced the resumption of full-fledged transport communication between the countries. The pandemic coronavirus limit for most citizens closed in the spring. However, the exact date is not yet known.