the Passion around the “Nord stream-2” has acquired a transatlantic scope and nature of almost fighting. The U.S. Senate has included additional sanctions in respect of the project in the defense budget for the 2020-21 fiscal year. This increased conflict States with Germany: former Chancellor Schroeder, for example, has described the situation as “the dissolution of the transatlantic partnership.”

Exactly the same thing lawmakers have done in the past year: the first set of restrictions came into force, “one” of “the appropriation Act for national defense” (NDAA). After that, the Swiss company Allseas instantly stopped work on SP-2 and took the pipe-laying ships. But between these two packages is the fundamental difference: if the first beat predominantly in Russia and “Gazprom”, the second – rather, in Germany and the European economy as a whole.

About the threat to the Old world, said the head of Committee of shareholders Nord Stream AG Gerhard Schroeder. The impending sanctions against the “Nord stream-2,” he was regarded as “the intentional termination of the transatlantic partnership” as “an unjustified attack on the European economy and unacceptable interference in the sovereignty of the EU and energy security in Western Europe”.

According to the former German Chancellor, limitations directly affect more than 120 companies in the field of shipbuilding, engineering, environmental protection and security. They all work or worked with Nord Stream 2. In addition, warned Schroeder, consumers on the continent will face additional costs of up to €4 billion per year. That SP-2 should be completed, in spite of extraterritorial U.S. sanctions that does not meet the legal expectations of Germany said Wednesday, and Chancellor Angela Merkel

a New package, prepared by a group of senators led by Ted Cruz and the Genie Sahin, yet contains quite vague wording. He suggests to extend the restrictive measures, first, to all involved in the construction of the court, and secondly, to companies providing these courts insurance and port services, thirdly, to those who will provide the certification to start operation of the pipeline.

we are Talking thus about a preemptive strike, saying that guys are Europeans better not mess with the Russian pipeline, otherwise ill have. With regard to the inclusion of sanctions in the NDAA, it would technically speed up their adoption: in contrast to the usual bill, which is considered a long time, the military budget guaranteed approved annually in the fall.

For the Germans, this whole situation is already beyond good and evil, says the expert of the Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation Igor Yushkov. Germany is now actively opposed in Washington announced measures to impose a ban on the licensing and maintenance of the pipeline. On its territory are fully prepared ground infrastructure for receiving of Russian gas to be safe (including environmental) of Berlin is obliged to provide. But in this case, the Federal government of Germany formally fall under us sanctions. The Germans categorically do not like the opacity of the bill, they are trying to achieve from USA, specifying the language to know what awaits them.

with regard to the role of “Gazprom”, the further succession of events around “Nord stream-2” depend not only on the efforts of the Russian Corporation. The first package of sanctions forbade the Europeans to finish the pipeline, but not its operation. Therefore, the “Gazprom” undertook to bring the matter before the end of yourself, calling from Nakhodka ship-laying vessel “Akademik Chersky”. Now it turns out that even if SP-2 will be completed, one in the EU is not going to license and use.

most Likely, involves Yushkov, “Gazprom” will resort to the tactics of turn-based action. First he will complete Gazoprovod, then together with its European partners will decide how to license and enter the pipe in operation in terms of sanctions. Finally, the company will have to think of a way to load the “Nord stream-2” at full capacity and at the same time to adapt it to the norms of the so-called Third energy package, in strict compliance with EU legislation.

the Threat of Washington to present sanctions of the European partners “Gazprom” on the SP-2 has caused quite a strong reaction from Germany, which is the main Russian ally on the project, says the head of analytical Department AMarkets Artem Deev. He recalled that Berlin has threatened to impose reciprocal restrictions on economic relations with the United States. “Nord stream-2” is another reason for the struggle between the US and the EU for the European energy market.

“In response to the strict version of the bill on sanctions Germany can impose duties on American liquefied natural gas. And it will be a painful blow to the White house, because the Old world is extremely important for Washington as a market”, — says the expert.