People are constantly unhappy. The increase in the retirement age people call bullying and robbery, the optimization of health called medicine murder. Especially disgusting people behave in elections. Millions stubbornly remain at home, others do not vote for those for whom it is necessary.

you Have to turn the administrative resources to carry buses, to arrange the carousel, beat the observers, spoil the camcorder to lose the protocols to push the stack of ballots in the ballot box (and there is a slit so narrow that barely a hundred pieces of crawls).

And the scandals? In the winter of 2011, after the Duma elections, started this mess that ended anti-presidential speech on the eve of the inauguration on may 6, 2012. Even numerous arrests and planting did not reason with people; last summer the Moscow city Duma elections turned into the hell.

All this, thank God, behind. The state Duma has just hurriedly passed the law about what the authorities in Russia do not believe the native people, and people do not like home government.

the Official name of the law, the normal person will not say anything “On amendments to articles 37 and 38 of the Federal law “On basic guarantees of electoral rights and the right to participate in referendum of citizens of the Russian Federation”.

As you can see, this name is impossible to understand anything at all. Polite and careful commentators call it “a Law on distance voting”.

the Word “distance” is now clear to all. People are instructed to keep a distance, not to get sick and not to run into a fine. And that is legally established remote voting. As the Russians say: stay away from the polling station. Now, by law, to vote people can electronically via “public Services”, and the elderly people still have not mastered the computer, maybe go to the post office and send the authorities a letter of happiness.

best of all — no monitors with this technology can not be. And receipt of ballots is eliminated, and the control calculation becomes impossible. And most importantly: and mail, and electronics eliminate the secrecy of the vote.

Millions of people who because of the epidemic was registered in “public Services” for permits, understand that their vote/not vote the will become known.

by Adopting this law, members involuntarily admitted contempt for the people. But these feelings seem mutual. Does anyone remember the case where people expressed respect for the State Duma? But on the contrary often happens. Remember: a year ago, was adopted by the Duma, approved by the senators and the President signed a Law on contempt. More precisely — about the penalties for disrespect.

To respect someone in a head will not come to invent a punishment for disrespect. And for the sake of fool-single does not write the laws Laws will never create RA��and isolated cases. Any law always says a widespread phenomenon.


In the Constitution — in the beginning — said: “the Only source of power in the Russian Federation is the people.” For the ears of the people that sounds very nice, something like “halva-halva”. We can also formulate not worse. For example: “the Only source of oil and gas in the Russian Federation is earth.” But it is important who stuck to the source, whoever puts the dam on whose mill poured the black gold, immediately turning yellow.

There, in the Constitution, it is stated: “the Supreme direct expression of the power of the people shall be referenda and free elections.”

the referenda have no one remembers. In the Constitution in 1993, they are, in my life for 27 years was never. See, never wanted people to use his Supreme direct expression of power. And other short direct expression is now forbidden.

the adoption of the law on elections for the post coincided with two amazing statements made by authorities.

the Governor of St. Petersburg Beglov said: “In our city a lot of people and visitors, and no visitors, well still, I don’t know many come from other regions to work and everything else. Here’s how to give out these masks and gloves? To request the passport? Tell me where you was? Or do not give to anyone”.

of course, you Can argue, as healthy Petersburgers will to live among patients with out-of-towners, but we are interested in the thinking of a statesman.

Who are these “newcomers” — Americans? No, foreign tourism completely stopped. So, Beglov has in mind the citizens of Russia. It turns out that the head of cultural capital not state thinking.

at the same time Deputy Prime Minister Golikova, responding to the message that the government is hiding the true number of cases and deaths from the virus, said: “the Russian Authorities never manipulated official statistics”.

Sorry, Russia manipulated not only statistics, but statisticians; stubborn replaced obedient, and economic performance became instantly much better.

It is manipulation of statistics formed the basis of the cruel manipulation of the citizens: the monetization of benefits, pension reform, optimization of health… This is exactly Golikova led the Ministry of health and implemented a national project “Health”.

a Hard time, ill test always reveal the true nature of people. Epidemic and economic disaster is rapidly exposed the true face and the level of state thinking of officials.