the creators of the show believe that this is one of the “catches” quarantine time. In the playbill is not just a new Prime Minister or new project but a new genre, opening a theater with the musical side.

the greatest hits of the Soviet epoch of the Grand style, familiar to several generations of Russians will be in a modern arrangement performed by song and dance Ensemble of the aerospace defence forces of Russia under the leadership of honored artist of Russia Vladimir Ivanov. And the national actor of Russia Sergey Shakurov, the leading soloist of the New Opera by Elena Terenteva, actors of the Moscow art theatre – came into the troupe this summer, Irina Lindt, Maxim Dahnenko, Timur Cronies will take the audience into the world of “Soviet Hollywood” – its romantic twists and turns, humor, wonderful melodies and timeless truths.

– Our performance will remind the Russian spectator about his treasure – the musical culture of the Soviet era, says the theatre’s artistic Director Eduard Boyakov. And about absolute values, it is approved. In critical moments of history and culture the theatre must carry the viewer a harmony.

– With Isaac Dunaevsky begins the story of Soviet Bohemia, – the playwright, screenwriter, actor, Director Dmitry minchenok, who wrote a biography of the famous composer for the series “ZHZL”. – He was the first who began to lead an almost charmed life, creating the legend of the incredibly successful Soviet artist, composer, independent of the government, tragedies, dramas. He created it all myself. The legend of the artist-the bird beyond the control of any tyrant, no hell, no pain, no fear – only joy. She is the one. Which he served faithfully all his life”.

the action of the play, a parable takes place in a country House of creativity, where populated to perform responsible state functions greatest Soviet composers. Great and well deserved, they equally depend on the will of the Leader, and the whims of the employees of the institution. What is not true about frivolous character named Dunja Sparrow, the genius-a nugget, surprisingly reminiscent of the composer.

the Performance has a comic musical tradition stretching back to the Opera-singspiel Mozart, the operettas of Strauss and Kalman, musical performances and films of the Dunaevsky, explain its creators. Burlesque, arbitrary treatment of historical and everyday reality, a riot of imagination, mixing in one bottle, farce, detective, romance should captivate the viewer.

the Building on Tverskoy Boulevard was originally designed based on the presence in the repertoire of the Moscow art theatre musical productions. And putting “red Mozart” -a sort of step to restore the important tradition of Mat music.