The Post hanging in the air. The branch network is in the red. The balance sheet of post car, after the subsidy scandal deep red. The shipping of letter mail continues to decline. And in the case of the once-lucrative subsidiary, the interest income fell alone in the first half of the year to 82 million Swiss francs.

Although settled the result with Postfinance in 146 million Swiss francs, a fact that, but only because the state Bank sold a subsidiary and several participations has been reduced. The yield decreased in the first half of the year to 35 million to 846 million. And is likely to tumble further in the coming years. Overall, the half-year profit of Post has decreased compared to the previous year to 25 million to 193 million Swiss francs.

Clear announcement of the Federal government required

Financially, the Federal government anticipates that the Post secures the company’s long-term value, and boosts. In addition, it aims to achieve in all areas of business industry-standard yields. But how realistic by the Federal Council laid down goals?

chief financial officer Alex Glanzmann (48) finally wants to to nails with heads: “look It takes is now a clear dialogue with all Stakeholders, such as the Federal government, the cantons and the customer, such as the Post office of the future.” And time is of the essence. Running the Post-2030, as hitherto, to decline sales and profits through the Floor. “We find no solution, we can no longer Finance basic services within the next ten years on its own.” Thus, there is no absolute Gau, it needs, according to Glanzmann new sources of income.

time is of The essence

“The Postman, for example, could offer additional Services – such as food or drugs to deliver.” In addition, the business should be promoted in the logistics and the daughter, of the document destruction worker, Swiss Post Solutions,. “However, this is barely enough to compensate for the decline in interest income at Postfinance,” says Glanzmann. Now, the Mortgage Finance and credit ban will fall with Postfinance.

The Federal Council has heard the cries for help already and has given the green light. He makes a template to develop, which allows the fourth-largest Swiss Bank, to grant loans and mortgages. “But we must not delude ourselves. The template has many enemies,” says Glanzmann, and stresses: “The problems of post Finance are the main problems of the Post.” Time is of the essence: “We have two to three years to set the course for a new Post,” says Glanzmann.