On the portal “Learn Moscow” a new online adventure called “walking through the Museum of surrealism”. It is dedicated to the work of the sculptor Alexander Burganov — the bright representative of this direction in art. Participants will be able to perform an online walk through the territory of the Moscow state Museum “Bourganov’s House”, which is closed until September 1, and answer 10 questions.

the First question of online quest is dedicated to the exhibition titled “People-legends”. It includes bronze busts of prominent figures of culture, made people’s artist of Russia Alexander Burganov. The game participants will need to call famous countrymen, and to recall in which field they became famous.

Alexander Burganov, not only created the surreal art, but also worked in the severe style is the direction in art emerged in the late 1950’s — early 1960-ies. Answering the following question online game, participants have to remember a bronze work of Alexander Burganov, which is not related to surrealism. It is set in a small courtyard of the Museum.

the First version of this sculpture was created in 1968 specifically for the seventh Moscow art exhibitions. However, the work was sharply condemned by the censor for the rejection of realism in depicting the human body and Convention in the interpretation of its forms. In the 1970-ies for the exhibition of the Moscow Union of artists Burganov creates a second version of the sculpture. Eventually both were lost. The Museum presents the third version of this sculpture.

Next, portal users will see a panoramic photo of the great courtyard of the Museum, which features another unusual sculpture. It represents the figure of a woman with prayer hands on his chest which depicts a rural landscape — the cropland, grazing horses, resting peasant. Small effigies of animals and humans emphasize the monumentality of mother earth. And the village, spread out on her chest, depicted from a bird’s flight. In the figure of a woman reads the image of the virgin Orans. This sculpture by Alexander Burganov have three names. The quest participants will have to remember the most famous.

a Number of questions online quiz on the portal “Learn Moscow” dedicated to the works hosted in the Museum garden. For example, participants will have to remember the name of the sculpture depicting the ancient Christian symbol, which in II–V centuries Christians recognized each other. In the Museum garden is also a memorial sign associated with the name of St. Luke. And why the sign is here, to answer the quest participants.

the Last question deals with one unusual sculpture in the style of surrealism. It provides aem is a combination of a naked female torso and the envelope. There are several versions of the creation of this composition. One of them is connected with the names of great poets, Rainer Maria Rilke and Marina Tsvetaeva, who in 1926 waged an active correspondence. For each correspondence reflects the poetic pursuit of harmony and perfect, creative and intellectual relationship. It was a novel in letters, which lasted about a year. His story and images formed the basis of several works of the sculptor.

After answering all the questions of the portal users will be able to see your results and share them on social networks.

Alexander Burganov was born on 20 Mar 1935 in Baku. From childhood he was interested in art, and in 1959 he entered the Department of sculpture at the Moscow higher art and industrial school (now — the Moscow state art-industrial Academy named after S. G. Strogonova).

the work of sculpture are in the collections of major Russian and foreign art museums. His works include the monument to Alexander Pushkin and Natalia Goncharova, which is installed on the Old Arbat, Pushkin monument in Washington, DC (first in USA), monument to the American poet Walt Whitman (located in the Moscow state University) and others. The sculptor also participated in the design of the metro station “Tretyakov” in Moscow.

From 10 August to 9 September, the arena invites Muscovites and guests of the capital to visit the exhibition of Alexander Burganov, dedicated to the 85th anniversary. It is possible to see not only sculptures, but also graphic works of the artist, and even installation. And the Moscow state Museum “Bourganov’s House”, which houses a permanent exhibition of works of the sculptor, will open its doors for visitors on September 1. To learn more about the works by Alexander Burganov, and to take a virtual walk through the areas and halls of the Museum on its official website.

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