The Style of The star-filled calendar from the Italian manufacturer, Pirelli, for 2021 shall not be made. In the place of a new episode, donated 100,000 euros to research on the corona virus.

The most sought-after Pirelli calendar has undergone over the years, a real transformation of pictures, with, sexy, pin-up, a new version of Romeo and Juliet, a version of female leaders in the netherlands, and the fairy-tale “Alice in Wonderland” with models with darker skin tones.

2021 hits of the Pirelli calendar, a year through the corona virus. Pirelli gave up at the calendar and is not to be in the position to make a donation to help fight off the virus, and the research to support it.’ And that’s not a choice that is made day to day life. The schedule for the last five years, but less than 6 months: all over the world, models, photographers and stylists are called. This was the case. However, Pirelli insisted that it was not the first time that they have to do it.

The production of the Pirelli calendar, it was already shut down in 1967, and from 1975 to 1983,” said executive vice-chairman and CEO Marco Tronchetti Provera. “The corona virus is forcing us to use that day to do it. We will continue with this project when the time is ripe, and the people who are with us today were working together.”