The engineer, the computer scientist or a game designer. Still, women in Tech Professions are represented clearly. The policy is familiar with the Problem longer. “The Federal Council is aware that a lack of female ICT professionals,” said the former Minister of the economy Johann Schneider-Ammann (67) in the previous year. For the Federal it is a double Problem: Up to 2026 40’000 computer science-a lack of skilled workers is expected, and the lack of Women comes.

Nevertheless, the Federal Council refused to back a Motion that further measures to increase the proportion of Women in Tech-demanded Occupations. Already, the government is promoting the young talents. 140 million Swiss francs is, in order to improve the stem skills, so the Knowledge in the subjects of mathematics, Informatics, natural science and technology,. But you can find: “The application of Occupations is primarily the task of the relevant organisations of the world of work.”

“gender-appropriate language and images”

in order for more women in Tech Professions, you must also change the schools. “The Educational directorates and Educational institutions need to increase their efforts for a gender-neutral classroom,” says Alain Well (55), President of the ICT education and training Commission, the Swiss umbrella Association of the ICT industry, in VIEW. The current measures would not suffice.

As in the case of teachers, but is varies from Canton to Canton. The Canton of Lucerne has published this year a guide for his teachers. This describes how good teaching in the stem subjects has to look like. “Gender stereotypes, it is important to have a gender-appropriate language and images and to show female role models”, it says in the guide.

The teachers have to actually teach in the future more stem subjects. Currently, the curriculum 21, which contains more computer science classes will be introduced in different cantons, in the other he is already in power. To more skilled Jobs in the Tech, it may take a few more years. And whether there are female professionals, also depends on the skill of the teachers.

Lots of activities

In the leisure experiment or chemical Experiments, for that we need nowadays, not a Chemistry set and more – meanwhile, there are various activities for children and young people. The Swiss Academy of engineering Sciences (SATW) coordinates, among other things, on behalf of the Federal government, this support of the MINT offerings. On the platform of the SATW you can find currently around 600 activities, from governmental and non-governmental companies. Most of them are planned for both the sexes – only 31 deals are only available to girls.

Since 2017 is conducted annually, a national Digitaltag under the auspices of digital Switzerland. The goal is to make the digitalisation of the Swiss population experience, as well as opportunities and challenges to demonstrate. On 3. September 2019, the event will take place for the third Time. At twelve locations, there are around 300 free activities such as stage shows and exhibitions – all within the theme of “lifelong learning”. VIEW reports on women who assert themselves in the world of Tech professions. Federal President Ueli Maurer (68) will open the day of action in Bern officially. The Digitaltag, incidentally, is a Swiss invention, the Initiator Marc Walder (54), chief of BLICK publisher Ringier is.