The police zatrollit for finding the owner of the one ring

the Police of the British County of North Yorkshire asks users of Facebook to assist in finding the owner of a replica of the one Ring, was found with items stolen from one of the houses in York in February of last year. Photo of a silver ring is placed on the page of the office of the social network.

“unfortunately, we are unable to find the owner of the ring and return it. It’s a very special piece of jewelry that we hope someone recognizes the engraving and will be able to tell us, to whom it rightfully belongs. I’m sure someone somewhere misses him,” said police detective Pete Wilson.

the Post has garnered tens of thousands of comments — mostly ironic. “We obviously need to tighten up our knowledge in the field of cinema, summed up the police. — However, it is someone’s property, and we would like to return it to somebody it stolen.”

“You’re not the only one who made such a mistake,” reads the police of Gloucester, not so long ago, seeking the owner of a similar ring.

“as opposed To those who laugh at our valiant police, I conducted some investigation and found the owner. Please return the ring to Sauron the Supreme judge, the way Gondor, Mordor, middle-earth,” wrote one user.

One of the most valuable advice found in the comments more than once, — you just need to wear the ring, and its owner finds you.

And according to the wearer by the name of Maloney, Hobson is, perhaps, a wedding ring lost her husband a few years ago. The police thanked her and expressed the hope that this is true and that they will be able to return the ring to the owner.