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A number of municipalities have defied the government’s plea to remove, among other things karantenebestemmelser for healthy people who have been on domestic travel.

Now be tightened the front between the municipalities and the government, justice minister Monica Mæland (H) provides the police told not to follow up violations of these påleggene.

– In the same way that the police will not, for example, will give priority to consult with cabin owners, so should not the police give priority to follow-up with municipal decisions about, for example, to prohibit the entry to the municipality other than the municipality’s own inhabitants. In a situation with scarce resources, it is more important than ever that the police give priority to combating violence and abuse against children and other serious crime, writes Monica Mæland in an e-mail to NRK.

Violation of the national koronareglene will still be punished by the police. Monday afternoon was a koronasmittet man in Vestland imposed a fine of 20,000 kroner for this.

state secretary Lars Jacob Hiim (H) says the police have more important things to prioritize than the municipal koronareglene.

Photo: Torbjørn Tandberg Police will give priority to serious crime

the attorney general has not been able to answer The follow-up question, but the secretary of state Lars Jacob Hiim (H) elaborates.

– We are clear that the police still have a number one priority, and it is a serious crime.

– As municipal threats of punishment for violation of, for example, the local government imposed the quarantine, it is simply empty threats?

– at least It is a task we have been very clear that the police not to prioritize, ” says Hiim.

– the Result of this, is it that healthy people placed in the municipal quarantine may ignore this påleggene?

– What we have said is that the police should not prioritise these tasks. They have other priorities that’s about serious crime.

Brannfolk is set to guard Vardøs kommunegrense at the checkpoint at the village Komagvær.

Photo: Bård Wormdal

A number of municipalities keeper now its borders with checkpoints. The government will continue to have them away, but will not put the police in to remove them.

– We intend to try to find solutions with the municipalities through dialogue, and we have been clear that we do not recommend such solutions, and in each case not with the checkpoints. But it is also not a priority politioppgave to clean these away, ” says Hiim.

law professor Hans Petter Graver believe several of the municipality’s restrictions are entirely illegal.

Photo: NRK – Can involve liability

Saturday took law professor Hans Petter Graver a powerful settlement with the municipal restrictions, which he characterizes as unlawful deprivation of liberty. In an article published in Rett24 elaborates upon he in the day the criticism, and writes that the municipalities run the risk of being liable towards the companies and people that go on the economic loss due to restrictions.

After the strong warnings that are directed towards the municipalities from the state hold, one can hardly exclude liability for municipalities that maintain the quarantine and travel restrictions.

the department of Justice has since Friday pointed out that the municipal koronareglene creates too many problems and provides little effect, but municipalities refuse to follow up.

– We do not think this is lucky. It’s not just the government that is being defied, but also the recommendations from the Norwegian institute of public health. In this area, there are some municipalities that do things we can not recommend, and it runs out of other important community features. We must try to keep our community going at the same time that we should combat the infection, ” says Hiim.

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