The mayor of Magadan Yuriy grishan complained to RIA Novosti on local residents, which nearly destroyed the children’s sculpture in one of the parks. According to the mayor, had to call the police.

The Russians “took a walk” on the balcony and got 11 penalties

We are talking about “penguin eggs”, which, says grishan designed to entertain children up to six years. Apparently, the sculptures of interest to older residents of Magadan.

“Flew as if she’d never seen these children’s forms of play. The police were called, beat the eggs with our visitors,” commented the mayor of Magadan.

Journalists contact the regional Department of the MIA, found that law enforcement officers after a request call place, violations of public order is not fixed. the

Last year, as reported by “the Rambler”, in Voronezh, the police detained two local residents, who, being drunk, hacked with an ax 19 cars. Detainees – 18 and 20 years. One of them was previously convicted for property crimes.