The police recommended to remain vigilant at the carnival in Brazil

the Main carnival center of the country for decades is Rio de Janeiro. But in recent years he had two main competitors. Today is no less colorful celebration with the parade of the Samba schools organised in Sao Paulo. And the most authentic carnival held in El Salvador.

Photo: Reuters the Police establishes the motives of men who entered the procession in Volkmarsen

Carnival in Brazil is not a national holiday, but at this period no longer work, many state and municipal agencies, private enterprises, banks stop taking the population. At this time, the Brazilians take vacations and make time off. The streets became noticeably smaller machines. Life boils only in certain areas of all cities where there are street parties and parades of carnival blocks.

However, in recent years, as noted by some Brazilians, the festival has changed.

“I was five years do not participate in carnival celebrations. Last week in Brasilia carnival blocks were fifteen cases of stabbing in Sao Paulo five received gunshot wounds. And all this in places where people walk and rest”, – told “RG” Murilo, the Barber of one of the capital’s barbershop. “This time I’m taking a vacation which I spend with my family. This year we’re going to the seaside”.

Police recommends vigilance during the carnival festivities. Take only need the Essentials. Money is better to exchange in advance and payment with Bank cards you should pay attention to the amount specified in the payment terminal. Significantly, the cases of substitution of cards in the sale of snacks and refreshing beverages in places of a mass congestion of people. The phone is better to insure in case of CRAMS or breakage.

Photo: iStock In Venice because of an outbreak of coronavirus canceled carnival

“One of my friends is a psychologist three times to buy a phone for Pedernales weeks. All three times the phone she pulled on precorneal festivities,” – said Murilo.

Every day in the crime reports there are news about accidents in places of carnival festivities. Two nights in Porto Alegre – the capital of the state of the SMI Grande do Sul in the very South of Brazil, the police had to use tear gas to break up a mass brawl.

In the state of ceará in the northeast of the country for the sixth day of the ongoing police strike, which the Secretariat of state for security Affairs called riot and vandalism. The situation is used here wielding gangs. During this period, was killed 150 people, which is several times higher than the average indicators. For normalization of the situation in the region sent to the National force of public security and army units.

“In recent years, the carnival was a lot of politics,” says the taxi driver Gustavo. – “On some units shout slogans against President Jacques Bolsonaro. Even on parade (Samba schools – approx. “RG”) in Rio one of the songs was with political allusions.”

the Most popular carnival costume this season was the backhoe loader. On Wednesday it was trying to break a Brazilian Senator Led Gomez in the territory of one of the police stations in the state of ceará.