in Addition, the officers found in the car drug and reported several violations of the Corona protection regulation to the Monheimer order office.

This happened:

at 17:20 p.m. a witness called the police to complain about one with three people occupied the VW Golf, which for a long time, the peace Auer road up and down to drive and loud music playing. The witness stated to have seen the three men in the Gulf prior to the commencement of the journey together alcohol would be consumed, in addition, two of the men were driven alternately.

a little later the police arrived at the location, met the VW Golf in a Parking lot at the peace Auer road standing. In addition to the car, several empty beer bottles, as well as three men and a woman: were a 27-year-old man from Mülheim an der Ruhr, two for 27 and 25 years old Monheimer, as well as a 23-year-old Monheimerin, who arrived only shortly before the police with the bike on the spot.

First, the officials noted that the license plate of the VW Golf, the 25-year-old Monheimers were already entstempelt and the car thus not the necessary insurance cover had. Then the officials led to adversity, a corresponding order-procedure against the owner of the Gulf.

After investigation by the local police of both the 27-year-old mülheim as well as the 25-year-old Monheimer with the car were driven. In the case of the control of the 27-Year-old, the officials noted that this has no driver’s license. In addition, he made the impression that he was not only under the influence of alcohol, but also under the influence of narcotics. A subsequent on-the-spot when the driver performed drug test was positive for THC.

in Addition, the police found officers a intensive cannabis smell, which you from the open Windows of the VW Golf, the 25-year-old Monheimers wafted towards. Therefore, the police officers gain a service dog leader, office of drug called tracker, which was in the car and actually find it. So the officials were able to ensure a small amount of Cannabis.

The consequences for the two drivers: Both have you down to the station, where the medical extraction of a blood sample disposed to the proof, secure determine your blood alcohol content, as well as their drug use was carried out.

The police have initiated several appropriate criminal proceedings against the two drivers. Because of the violation of the prohibition of Contact in the frame of the Corona-protection regulation was also drafted a report to the clerk’s office of the city of Monheim.

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