A 30-year-old woman from a central location and has an expensive Friday morning schedule, after all the police station of the zone in Bilzen-Riemst-Hoeselt her in Bilzen, had been intercepted. She said that she went to Hoeselt was going to make love to the companies. They had a high need for affection, because of the “lock-down ” light”. The woman, however, appeared intoxicated and behind the wheel, and a speekseltest be in the use of cocaine, reported to the police on Friday.

On the Maastrichterstraat, in Bilzen, police were able to her to catch it. From the decrease in the alcohol test showed that up to 1.5 parts per thousand of alcohol in the blood. With a positive speekseltest the use of coke was in her driver’s licence immediately, for fifteen days, and withdrawn.

The woman in the Foot, it will later be for a magistrate to account for it. Its liefdesritje to Hoeselt also proved to be a non-essential trip, and so that they can have an immediate and amicable agreement of eur 250, – in general, for the violation of the coronarichtlijnen.

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