Copenhagen is Ranked the Police are massively present in Ishøj, where you have found a hand grenade.

The typing of the police on Twitter.

police sprængstofeksperter is the place where you have chosen to demolish the found hand grenade in the place, saith it in an update on the social media.

Found by håndgranaten was made at Ishøj Sea earlier on Monday. And the police therefore called for, to be kept away from the area.

‘We are currently present, along with EOD at Ishøj, Sea and blocked off in connection with a discovery of a possible hand grenade.’

‘EOD is present and has decided that the object becomes bortsprængt on the spot. Stay away from afspærringerne. PT. no further information,’ wrote the police on Twitter.

In spite of bortsprængningen is the police have not yet finished their work on the site. Yet, it is not clear where the grenade comes from.

B. T. follows the case.