The offices of the police headquarters in Offenburg in the urban and rural districts in Baden-Baden, Rastatt, Germany and the Ortenaukreis, between Maundy Thursday and Easter to roll out on Monday a total of 91 accidents (of 222 in the year 2019). In the process, were injured in 23 (46) accidents 24 (55) people. In contrast to the last year (1), came no participants in traffic due to an accident killed.

the currently generally valid call to “stay home” – the police headquarters in Offenburg in the press release from the 3. April, among other things, to the motorcycle-propelled and taught – had a positive impact: positive in the balance sheet is also drag on the motorcycle routes. Despite the excellent weather, only a moderate motorcycle traffic was recorded. In controls, only a few, mostly technical violations could be identified. To the well-known meeting points of the height no major motorcycle were found were groups. Where happen to be several of the bikers found together, were these the specifications of the Corona-regulation to the minimum distance.


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