Presumably in the seizure of the building of the temple, which occurred early Saturday morning, was attended by about 40 people. At this moment in the temple was about 200 people, including parishioners who came to help with the General cleaning of the premises of a religious institution. They were all taken hostage. Some of them were released during the first phase of the operation, during which police arrested about 30 of the attackers.

according to the Associated Press, citing the South African police, five people were killed and six people were injured. The police reported that an attack by a group of armed men at a religious institution “could be caused by a feud” between members of the Church. The leadership of the Church, according to the BBC, became the object of disputes ever since its former leader died in 2016. Earlier, police were called to the Church after a shootout between members in 2018, according to local publication IOL. A year ago the funds of the Church was the center of attention after, according to reports, the Treasury lost about 6.5 million dollars, said the South African newspaper Sowetan.

In a statement, city police Department says police and the military, which arrived on a call to the emergency service to the temple, found four victims in one car and the security guard in the other. In the Church were found five rifles, 16 pump action shotguns and 13 pistols, and other weapons. The national Commissioner of the South Africa General Khehla John Sitol said during the operation the security forces “prevented what could be a more serious bloodshed.” The General said, quoted by ABC News, is extremely unfortunate that this incident takes place at a time when South Africa is suffering from a deadly virus and violent crimes.

it is Noted that the International Church of Pentecost in South Africa belong to about three million people.