The police found the rumor about the coronavirus

it is Noted that in the near future will take action to remove from the social networks of false information.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova said that is spread in social networks the information that the Russian authorities are hiding the true numbers of cases of coronavirus in the country, is not true.

“with regard to stuffing these provocative FSB report that they mainly organized from abroad. But this, unfortunately, accompanies us always, and the goal of stuffing is clear: to sow panic among the population”, – said Vladimir Putin on Wednesday at a meeting with members of the government.

to Counter this, you can, according to the head of the state, only one – timely, comprehensive and accurate information to citizens.

Photo: EPA To compensate for cancelled due to coronavirus tours

Tatyana Golikova at the same meeting, the President reported that since the organization works on prevention of penetration into the territory of the Russian Federation of coronavirus, since 31 December last year – in Russia, there have been 3 cases of a new infection. Two of them in Zabaykalsky Krai and Tyumen region. They were citizens of China, who recovered. One case is a Russian national who recently returned from Italy.

three More Russians were evacuated from Japan, they had been diagnosed with the virus on the cruise ship Diamond Princess. Now these citizens are treated in Kazan, their condition is satisfactory and takes place in the form of light.

in addition, on Wednesday became aware of the infestation two Russians among team bike riders in the UAE.

According to the latest world health organizationtion, the total number infected with the new coronavirus in 72 countries around the world has exceeded 10 thousand people, while the number of fatal increased to 166. The number of infected in mainland China where I went to the epidemic, accounting for 80.3 thousand people died 2946.