The once-potential world champion is back: Robert Kubica (34). After 3043 days, the Pole sits again on Friday in an official formula-1-Training in a GP crate. “I have no time to let emotions arise!”

It is the greatest Comeback in history. 14. November 2010 was Kubica in Abu Dhabi with Renault Fifth. At the time, was victorious Vettel (Red Bull), Hamilton (McLaren) – since then, this Duo has brought together eight titles.

Kubica was sitting yesterday with these two rivals in the FIA media conference at the same table. Hamilton: “Kubica belonged to in 2008, the favorites, when I won my first world title.” Kubica was after his only win on 8. June 2008 in the BMW-Sauber in Montreal world Cup Fourth. 23 points behind Hamilton.

Arm and leg fractures in Kubica

“One day Robert Champion,” said his friend Fernando Alonso (37) to VIEW. “I don’t know of any driver with more Talent!”

The fate wanted it otherwise. Review: 6. February 2011. At a small rally in the North of Italy, the guest driver in the accident four days after the formula 1 test drives.

In Testico Kubica comes with his Skoda on the track, bounces against a Church wall and a guard rail pierced into Kubica’s Cockpit. Passenger Jakub Gerber was unharmed. Kubica breaks away from it almost to the right Hand. Arm and leg fractures (see Video below). A week to be a fight to the death lasts.

The formula 1 was not even a dream. It was just a matter of preventing an amputation of a Hand. The Doctors made the miracle in more than 30 operations. It was quiet around Kubica.

“… then you better go buy a dog”

“But I didn’t want to give up. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a hungry Tiger and it also has to stay,” says Robert – and climbed again in 2013 with a rally car.

He even won a small race and was happy: “For me it was just important that I could use my right Hand. I had to at the time, and even today, driving change my style. The right Hand led on the steering Wheel just the left Hand!”

it is A fact that to classify some of the Ex-driver as a dangerous. “What’s he doing, for example, in the curve of the labyrinth in Monte Carlo?”, Jacques Villeneuve asks.

Kubica smiles all the criticism and has been saying for years: “If you want to have in the formula 1 paddock really friends, then you better go buy a dog!”

Today, he sits after countless test rides and a year as a replacement pilot finally officially in the Williams-Mercedes. What can you expect? SRF-TV Reporter Marc Surer-to: “Robert is a poor dog. He’s sitting in the worst car and team-mate George Russell is hot. On paper, Kubica may lose.”

start number 88 – why?

Poland is in Melbourne with two TV stations and many of the reporters on the spot. The Tenor: “A whole Nation wishes him all the best, and also believes in a miracle!”

For most of its formula 1 Fans is the Comeback just crazy. You will rejoice that one of the most popular driver is back. But it is a fairy tale with a Happy ending?

Kubica: “Our car had in the winter tests, the delay and was not very fast. We have to live with the first race. But I don’t waste time, wasting unnecessary energy. I remain an Optimist and am now just about one of the biggest achievements in my life.”

And why go with the starting number 88? The only victory on the 8. June 2008 and for over 8 years, no formula 1? Kubica laughs: “a Good combination. But the thing is simple. My favorite number is 8. But Yes, Romain Grosjean. So I took the 88 …”

The GP-Comeback of Robert Kubica, after eight years, four months and three days once. But crazy formula-1-returnees there were some.

So it took three times world champion Niki Lauda (70, which is also missing here in Melbourne), exactly 35 days from the last Rites in 1976, up to the first training appearance in Monza. In the race of the Vienna drew with the many burns to his Ferrai on the sensational 4. Place.Juan Manuel Fangio (for many still the greatest driver of all time) had to expose the whole of the 1952 season in the world Cup. At the last Grand Prix Test in Monza the Argentinian had rolled over to the Maserati, was for months in a plaster bed. Over 40 years of Haudegenen drove as a “Training” just a few small races in South America. In 1953, the world champion of 1951 and returned to Alfa in the circus. And took from 1954 to 1957, four more titles.Officially never back to Briton Nigel Mansell (65) is entered. The world champion of 1992, Williams 1993 was a year off, moved to America in the Indy-Car series. In 1994, he went again, four races for Williams, won the final in Adelaide. In 1995, he, already a little harder to become entered twice for McLaren. At the GP of Spain, he stopped, climbed out of the car and disappeared without a word from the race track.For Michael Schumacher, the Comeback was not worthwhile. After the Return in 2006 was the record-man is stepping down after three years, it was the Mercedes-Comeback from 2010. After three years, he had to go (with a single third place in Valencia) – the silver arrows took Lewis Hamilton …

The new formula starts 1 season with the GP of Australia. Really profound rule changes for 2019, but some important improvements are still. VIEW explains the most important Changes for drivers and Teams.