Curious scenes at the Zurich airport On Monday, a machine of the Swiss during the landing approach started at the Zurich airport because apparently a dead Fox on the runway was located.

The Swiss machine of the type A220-300 was launched in Hamburg, achieved against a 20 at the airport. The Pilot reported to the Tower that he was going to start, like the Swiss, are confirmed. A spokeswoman tells us: “It is standard procedure that the Cockpit Crew on approach – if possible – through starts as soon as there is an object on the runway is located.

Potential security threat

According to Vladi Barrosa, press spokesman for Skyguide, the Pilot was probably unsure of exactly what he saw. “To the Pilot to decide in such a case, whether it lands or not. Because even a dead Fox can cause damage to the undercarriages of the aircraft.”

Even if the airport is fenced, it is not surprising that wild animals are at the Zurich airport. “Finally, the airport grounds are located in a conservation area”, so Barrosa.

dead Fox disappears

a Few minutes earlier, had flown in another machine of the same country rail. During landing, the Pilot reported that he got “most likely,” a Fox. Order in accordance with the evacuation forces were on the way.

There but only a few minutes had passed, came the second plane, which is launched by. The Curious: According to Skyguide spokesman Barrosa the dead animal from the clearance forces has not been found.

A380 had to abort the test

It is not the only flight-related incident with a Fox in Zurich. So had to cancel in March 2017, the Double-Decker Airbus A380 of Singapore Airlines at 90 km/h to the Start, as a master Reynard on the track walked. (spr)