MOSCOW, 1 may — RIA Novosti. The chief doctor of the Federal scientific-clinical center FMBA Alexander called Trinity cause of death infected with the novel coronavirus.

According to the physician, most patients do not die from pulmonary complications.

He explained that this condition requires hemodialysis and filtration products as well as the use of special devices that can help to cope with renal insufficiency.

the Pandemic of the novel coronavirus has spread to almost the whole world. The who reports that more than 3.1 million are infected, of whom died about 218 thousand and a million recovered.

the Greatest number of cases and victims recorded in USA, Spain, Italy, UK, France, Germany and Turkey. China, from where started the spread of the coronavirus, managed to defeat the epidemic.

Russia ranks eighth for the number of infected people. The country COVID-19 diagnosed 114 431 persons (increase per day of 7.4%), of which 13220 recovered, 1169 patients died.

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