Total discharge of the battery of your smartphone reduces its service life, but a full charge is harmful not less, said the head of analysis and IT studies the Higher school of financial management Mikhail Kogan.

It is therefore undesirable to connect your gadget to the charger before going to bed. If necessary, you can enable in the phone settings mode “on the plane.” But it is better to charge the phone in the evening or after waking up, advises the specialist. Optimal maintenance of the charge at the level of 30-80%, thus the number of complete cycles of charge-discharge will increase, at least twice, reports “Prime”.

Manufacturers recommend not to lower the battery level is below 20-30%, and even more so to bring the phone to completely turn off, — said Kogan.

The expert reminded about the existence of third-party utilities that automatically stop charging upon reaching the user-specified values, but even when using them it is not necessary to leave the phone connected to the charger all night, because the load on the batteries is maintained.

Wrote previously, a specialist in cellular told how to “overclock” the smartphone. The main reason that the smartphone, especially the older ones, starts to “hang” — out of memory because of the large number of files and installed applications, explained the Director of Department of development of business of market of JSC “Kcell” Peter Dzyuba.