Chief librarian, psychologist children’s library No. 145 Catherine Rudin recommends to familiarize kids with Pettson, Findus and Mary Poppins, and teenagers to discuss important novels of Sobi Lars Christensen and David Cali.

“the Pettson goes camping” Sven Nordqvist

the Owner of a series about the good-natured old man Pettson and his kitten Findus, famous Swedish writer and artist Sven Nordqvist all over the world. The first book — “the Story of how Findus got lost when I was little” was released in 1984, then there were seven more sequels. Read them in any order, in each book the author tells us something new about favorite heroes.

In this part, the friends decide to go on a little trip. Description of what is happening brings a smile and warm feelings — check! After all, even the training is accompanied by adventures and funny situations and funny illustrations that reveal the character of each character make reading exciting and continuous process. I want to consider every detail: the kettle with a clothespin, bread in a cart with a trailer for sugar… But Findus diligently puts up a tent, there are snails, chickens, knit and dismantle the suitcase. And what they have at home are paintings on the walls! Be sure to pay attention to them.

“Walking with Mary Poppins” Helen Drover

the fantastic novel by English writer Pamela Travers about the extraordinary nanny Mary Poppins is designed for older children. Book artist Helen Driver introduces its heroes the little ones. Driver slightly reworked the adventures of nanny and her charges, the children from the home at 17 Cherry street, and created the unforgettable and delicate illustrations. Each page is a masterpiece.

the Original story of Pamela Travers childhood left a bright trace in my memory, I loved them very much. The first book was written in 1934, but does not lose an urgency and now — regardless of age, everyone would like to have such a wise and cheerful person.

In our country, Mary Poppins became known only in 1960, thanks to the translation of Boris Zakhoder. And in 1983, directed by Leonid Kvinikhidze removed in the first two books the film “Mary Poppins, good-bye.”

“the Door in the meadow” by Lev Kuzmin

“the Door in the meadow” is the Permian Komi tales that told the Soviet writer Lev Kuzmin and illustrated by the artist Nikolai Popov. Tales can become a discovery for both children and adults. I definitely recommend them, when asked what to read for the whole family. They are emotional, enlightening, touching, and incredibly easy to understand, but at the same time very deep — it will definitely be something to discuss after reading.

With Komi-Permyak Kuzmin passed on Russian language and songs. And he studied the works of bashCyrus, Tatars, Udmurts and other peoples of the USSR and also engaged in translations. Lev Ivanovich was interested in not only folk tales. He has written many novels for children, the most famous — “Captain Coco and green glass”, “Hello to you, Mitya Kukin!”, “The four vests”.

“Doll” Gennadiy Cherkashin

“the Doll” is one of the most touching stories in my memory. A little girl accidentally left in the besieged Leningrad, the most expensive — the doll that gave her beloved grandfather. Here we find nothing about the horrors of war, but with the abundance of experiences of the child, who with the onset of peace time does not lose hope to find the toy. Gennadiy Cherkashin managed to convey the children’s excitement very well — during the war he, too, was quite small.

I suggest to read the story published in a book. Bright addition in this edition is the illustrations, done by the classics of Soviet children’s literature George Troughton and his sons Alexander and Valery.

“German” Lars Sobi Christensen

Book by the Norwegian writer Lars Sobi Christensen about the 11-year-old boy, who cannot live a carefree and relaxed as his peers. Due to a serious illness in Herman developed a rapid hair loss, laughed at classmates, but he can not do anything. How to be?

not to spoil the pleasure of reading the book, I can only say that Herman will remain the same good and noble. Through his example, he shows that no disease affects how good you are or not.

In a reissued version of the book on the cover says: “For those who do not love themselves.” And we are not talking about excessive selfishness and vanity, and the realization that life is the greatest value, and any adversity can be overcome.

the Book was written in 1988. “German” brought the author the award of the Norwegian critics Association.

“Enemy” of David Cali

In our library I run a psycho-literary project “Open book”. Together with the Teens we understand the difficult situation on the example of artistic works. And of course we not paid attention to the books about the war. Any war brings pain and suffering, persisting even after decades. Can see that modern writers are talking about it as much as the writers of the twentieth century.

Book of the Italian writer David Cali, who writes in French, and French Illustrator Serge Block “Enemy” teaches compassion. The narrative is first-person: soldiers, war-weary, mentally puts himself in the other — his enemy. The book received the award of Ministry of education of France.