if you want to spend for something so much money? The answer to such questions is often: This is art.

“The most dangerous Laptop in the world”, as the specialized portal “Inside IT” is called, costs in the Moment 1’200’749 US dollars. But this could change any Minute, this is an auction. It lasts until Monday evening.

Therefore, the compiler is supposed to be so dangerous: The Chinese Performance artist Guo O Dong has loaded the six most harmful malicious programs from the Internet history at the same time on a Samsung NC10-14GB Netbook. Vintage 2008, Windows XP operating system.

95 billion dollars in damage

The malicious programs are called ILOVEYOU, MyDoom, SoBig, WannaCry, Dark Tequila, and Black Energy and have been together since the turn of the Millennium, the world 95 billion dollars in damage. This is one-seventh of the annual economic output of Switzerland.

SoBig and MyDoom apply, for example, as the most widespread computer worms of all time. In 2003 and 2004, they triggered on compromised computers are automatically a mass mailing of E-Mails with infected attachments. The worms and Trojan destroyed the Hard – and Software, copied documents, and were alone for an estimated loss of 75 billion.

So is it on the website, “The Persistence of Chaos”, the Chinese artist of the million-Laptop auctions.

call protection

The youngest of the six installed malicious programs Dark Tequila, which struck last year, especially in Mexico and other Latin American countries. USB-Sticks are widely used, gave the hackers access to Bank data and approaches of private persons and companies.

For Dong expresses, the auction critique of today’s Online culture, and the dangers of malicious programs instructions. This is true for both corporate as well as private individuals, to protect themselves better.

On the website, Dong transmits a live stream of a camera which is directed on the Computer. He is at the Moment in New York (USA). The Laptop is isolated from all other systems, so that it can do no harm. Who can raise the money for the Laptop, must undertake to use them only for academic or artistic purposes and to spread the virus any further than that. (kst)