The people or the oligarchs who give Zelensky Ukrainian black soil, decide Happy

Ukrainian farmers promise protests — are going to picket the office Zelensky and Parliament. Just the Verkhovna Rada on 6 February needs to consider the controversial law on the land market. In the second reading. The document allows to sell farmland. The discussion promises to be hard and deputies have already declared that will arrange “night of the earth.”

will Begin on schedule will end — as always. Whether after midnight – the head of the servant of the people in the Verkhovna Rada said that to discuss the lifting of the moratorium on selling agricultural land until four in the morning. Whether the fight: the rallies and the blocking of the tribune, apparently, is not the only thing to be feared.

“They want to sell the land. We still do the work that is promised, we didn’t allow them to sell before the new year. And now I want to review all our changes. These changes will be considered two weeks. Two weeks, if according to the law. And against the law we do not allow. We will stand here. Not even going to say what are we going to do,” says the co-Chairman of the faction of political party “Opposition platform For life,” the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Vadim Rabinovich.

that tries to resolve to sell the Ukrainian black soil in private hands can threaten the servants of the people a new “Maidan,” Volodymyr Zelensky has warned: according to a poll by the Kiev international Institute of sociology, 59% of the country is categorically against the opening of the land market.

“Now I rent my land to a farmer, and I’m happy. He pays us well, and I’m happy, and I don’t want the land sold,” — said the woman.

“Those people will buy the land, who have money. And their units. Well, dozens. Well, let hundreds. And the rest?! Will be laborers and the poor!”, says an opponent of land sales.

All these people got shares, as former employees of collective farms. When those in the mid-90s collapsed, land was distributed to people.

something they can handle himselfI. something you rent, getting a raise in their meager pensions. In the project “Typical of Ukraine” on our channel former editor-in-chief of RIA Novosti in the Square, and now the Executive Director of the news Agency “Russia today”” Kirill Vyshinsky not only told, but showed, most of those people who strongly opposed the moratorium. And someone to listen in Kiev do not want.

“I am against the sale of land dramatically. The land we have as a mother. Sell – all. It is no more. And land not purchased by farmers. Simple farmers are not buying. Buy up – agro-holdings,” says farmer Ivan Dollop.

Officially, the Ukrainian authorities state: if the agricultural holdings, only domestic. To sell land to foreigners is not going to. At least, not directly. After all, it turns out, there are many citizens who are ready at a reasonable price to buy the acres of black soil. And if they get hold of shares at a reasonable price, I will want to transfer them to use their foreign guests, so nothing can be done. Private property.

“Years through five, probably, well, some people call oligarchs fourteen, some twelve, in any case, their number will be small. Indeed, these oligarchs are feeling very, very good. Again, this is primarily our oligarchs. Among them are some of the oligarchs, which according to the documents of the Austrian, Dutch, Danish even have one. Well offshore, as you can see,” says Ukrainian political analyst Alexander Okhrimenko.

so, another ban, which intend to offer supporters free land market, stakeholders will also be easy to get around. Now talking about how to limit the area of land to sell no more than 10 thousand hectares in one hand. But such a measure is solid business with dozens of formally independent, but the pocket structures, bypass also will not be too difficult.

“State-bankrupt Ukraine, which is YesUPE has sold his soul to the devil in the face of the IMF, Soros foundations, various international corporations, has now decided to sell the last thing the Ukrainian people, is the earth. And in order to obtain further loans, a state which only one, the IMF has $ 10 billion, will carry out this unpopular decision,” analyzes the situation the expert of the Institute of CIS countries, political scientist Ivan Skorikov.

the international monetary Fund, by the way, to sell the land calls for a long time. The head of the IMF mission in Ukraine said: if it prevents full development of the agricultural sector. But what did not dare even Poroshenko, Zelensky, is apparently still intends to implement. With only one caveat: to citizens of Russia of the units just do not get. Because the state-aggressor. And that, apparently, the only point which the law, whatever the discussion, will remain unchanged.