The Pentagon is afraid to attack Iran's drones

the Publication Military Watch reports on the deployment of air defense systems in Iraq amid another attack on a U.S. base. The article quoted the General of the US marine corps and head of the Central command of Kenneth Mackenzie.

In his address to the Committee on armed forces of the United States, he, in particular, stated that “the increasing threat from unmanned aerial systems.” The officer believes that the region has no “network capabilities to counter them.”

Photo: / Jamming and blinding: the United States told about anti-satellite weapons to Iran

In the article I remind you that in 2019 during strikes Iranian drones on targets of militants near the American bases, air defenses, the United States failed to fix them.

Powerless was an American Patriot air defense system in the UAV attack on the oil plant in Saudi Arabia.

And, a large fleet of drones invisible Iran built based on the technology of the American RQ-170 captured in 2011.