The Pentagon hypersonic weapon Russia has called a

Deputy head of the Pentagon’s procurement and technical support Alan Shaffer called hypersonic weapon Russia such as missile “avant-garde” – “pressing threat” to U.S. defense. Therefore, States should modernize the triad and to maintain the nuclear deterrent, said Shaffer. U.S. Department of defense “will be focused on developing hypersonic weapons and protection against hypersonic weapons,” he said.

Shaffer said that Russia and China without hypersonic weapons have enough ballistic missiles to solve the problem of containment, reports RIA Novosti. He expects that these countries will throw US a challenge, and the Pentagon must be ready for retaliation.

in the absence of protection against hypersonic weapons plays an important role nuclear Arsenal. It needs to be maintained in the future, said Shaffer. Earlier, the President, trump said that Washington in the absence of treaties on arms control with Russia and China will create its “nuclear power” – “the most powerful in the world.” For the modernization of existing and creation of new nuclear forces, the Pentagon has up to 10 years.

the Nuclear triad — international term. It consists of three components: strategic bombers, Intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines.