The Pentagon has named the military satellite of Iran somersaulting webcam

MOSCOW, 26 APR – RIA Novosti. Cosmic commander of US forces General John Raymond called the first Iranian military satellite “Nur-1” is useless for exploration.

Iran on April 22 with the help of the carrier rocket “Cased” (“Messenger”) brought to orbit with an altitude of 425 kilometers, the first military satellite of “Nur” (“Light”). This fact is confirmed by 18 squadron space surveillance United States air force.

Raymond wrote on his Twitter page, the space command of the U.S. air force continues to monitor after the Iranian launch, two objects, while the size of the satellite the us military is estimated at 10 by 10 by 30 centimeters.

According to the American General, Iran stated that the satellite can take pictures of the earth’s surface. “In fact, this somersaulting web camera in space, it is unlikely providing exploration,” said Raymond, adding sarcastically to my post hashtag spaceishard (space hard).

Earlier, the Russian Amateur radio operator Dmitry Pashkov told RIA Novosti that the signal from the “Nur-1” fragile – this means that the satellite rotates and will not start to work until it is stable.

Based at Vandenberg air force base (California) 18 squadron space surveillance USAF is engaged in the detection, tracking and identification of all artificial objects in earth orbit.

Since 2009, Iran successfully orbited five satellites, including four with the help of rocket “Safir”.