“Could you please explain to me what is the benefit for an insured Person, if you transferred the money from the 3a pillar in the second pillar?” This question SoBli-reader Patrizia Steinacher asked me recently, after you had read my post about the pillar 3a.

As is so often the answer is: It depends. We know of two models: the performance and the defined contribution plan. The benefit plan the amount of the pension is wage-dependent, the defined contribution plan by the individual pension Fund credit.

Important in this question, the old-age pension, but the disability pension is less. Often do not forget that the second pillar is an insurance for old age, but also for today. In the case of disability, you will not only get to the first pillar, the AHV, pension, but also of the second pillar, the occupational Pension scheme.

you need to Transfer the money in pillar 3a in the second column, so interested in the question of the extent to which the tangent to the IV-pension. Or professional advanced technically out: whether the disability pension is based on the performance or on the defined contribution plan. In the defined contribution plan for an increase in the second pillar is useful: the higher the pension Fund assets, the higher the IV-pension.

In the defined benefit plan, where the pension percentage of the insured salary is determined, would have a Transfer of the 3a-money will have no effect. On the contrary, In the case of a disability it would be lost.

I must admit that IV-pensions are always calculated less to the defined contribution plan. Therefore, the Transfer of pillar 3a is in the second column is usually not advisable. Again: The above applies only to the IV-pension from the pension Fund.

of Course, the question of transfer also arises for the old-age pension. This is easier to answer: will Transfer the money to the 3a-account of the pension Fund, increases in both the performance as well as in the contribution to the pension plan. But before you let the higher pension aperture, you can calculate how many francs, this increases the pension. More often, it would be more appropriate to the 3a-capital – also for tax reasons.

And two more clarifications: You can not transfer part of the amounts of 3a-account of the pension Fund or cash it out. And secondly, A Transfer in the second pillar is only possible, if still shopping there are gaps. A further question arises: What is it now, if the gap is, for example, 20’000 Swiss francs and the sum of the 3-account for 35’000 francs? The relevant regulation does not answer this question. However, the Federal social insurance office (BSV) once wrote in their messages that a partial transfer of the column 3a is, provided that the gap in the second pillar is fully covered.