To contain the Corona of a crisis to be banned gatherings of more than two people in the whole of Germany. Be except for members living in their own household. Need to close all the Restaurants and hairdressers. The fact Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the Minister presidents of the Länder in a telephone conference on Sunday agreed.

What may happen if the rules are not followed?

The currently agreed rules are based on the protection against infection law , this applies for the whole of Germany. The law is designed to prevent the Express purpose of further spreading of communicable diseases in humans, or to prevent. the In the event of violations threatening fines of up to € 25,000 or imprisonment of up to two years.

If you meet in public in a group, then this is a misdemeanor . As a crime

  • violations of a quarantine order,
  • violations of the occupational activity, shall apply the prohibition:,
  • violations of official measures in connection with the closure of community facilities, the prohibition or the restriction of major events
  • as well as intentional violations of the reporting obligations.

of Course, as with all authorities, legal remedies such as a little summary proceedings and lawsuits to the administrative court procedure is possible. “But they have no so-called suspensive effect, so that an arrangement must be followed,” says the Gelsenkirchen-based criminal lawyer, Arndt W. Kemp gene to FOCUS Online. In the case of a court then clarified later, whether the measure was lawful.

800 Euro for the illicit visit to the hospital or old people’s home,

A report in the “Bild”newspaper, according to the North Rhine-Westphalia has developed as the first state, a fine catalogue, with the violations of the Corona-rules sanctioned should be. The sheet gives an Overview of the high fines:

So in the case of unauthorized Visits to hospitals and homes for the elderly 800 euros . the At a public Meeting of more than two people , which are not covered by any exception, provided for a fine of 200 Euro , at a picnic and grilling 250 Euro .

Who operates Restaurant, you need 4000 Euro plates . Who> a Bar, a Disco or a fitness Studio operates more € 5000 . Mohssen assani Moghaddam/Reuters a man and a woman go out in the afternoon in windy weather with her two Border Collies on the North sea beach of Cuxhaven-Duhnen for a walk

“The penalties hurt, and you also need”

the country’s interior Minister, Herbert Reul (CDU) said to the “Bild”newspaper, the catalogue of fines should make it clear that it was for violations of the Anti-Corona measures to “peccadillos”: “The penalties hurt, and you’ll have to.” The catalogue should give the importance of the contact-bans and other measures of emphasis.

Laschet speaks of “Zero tolerance”

The sanctions allowed “to pull the Gentiles, which put the health of their citizens knowingly at risk from the traffic,” said Reul. NRW Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) said to “image”, so hard as to be the state of the Clan-crime have to be fought, will now, the procedure also disease fighting: “Zero tolerance also applies to Law-breakers in the fight against the Coronavirus.” dpa/Federico Gambarini/dpa, Armin Laschet (CDU) Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, speaks to the press.

The Federal government adopted measures at a Glance

“The stay in the public space is only alone, with a further non-Person living in the household or in the circle of the members of the house stand is allowed”, – stated in the decision. These measures are intended to apply for a minimum of two weeks. Bayern does not want to hold on to the decision – in the free state is to continue to apply the current rule that there needs to be a “valid reason” to Leave the apartment. The Saarland had announced on Friday, also the Bavarian model, also of Saxony, after pulling on Sunday. More to the original restriction in Bavaria you can read here. In all other countries, the new contact prohibition is to apply.

After the decision by the Sunday people in Germany are encouraged to reduce the contacts to other people outside the members of one’s own house stands to an absolutely necessary Minimum . Is In the Public domain, wherever possible, to stand other than the members of the House, a minimum distance of at least 1.5 meters to comply with.

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contact ban decided: No curfew, but no group Meet

A curfew: in the past few days again and again the speech was, imposed the policy, specifically not . “Of course,” more is possible on the way to work, to emergency care, shopping, doctor visits, participation in meetings, required appointments and tests, help of others, or of individual sports and exercise in the fresh air, as well as other necessary activities: to remain.

groups of celebrating people in public places , but also in homes as well as private institutions, but unacceptable . “Violations of the contact restrictions should be monitored by the regulatory authorities and the police, and violators sanctioned.” A amount of the penalties is not mentioned in the decision. Peter Kneffel/dpa

Cafés, Restaurants and pubs are now closing nationwide . “Catering businesses are closed”, – stated in the decision. The delivery and the Pick up driving competitive food for consumption at home is still allowed.

Closed hairdressers, beauty salons, massage clinics, Tattoo parlors and similar service companies for body care must be . In this area of physical proximity is essential. Medically necessary treatments remained possible.

is not provided for sites on A General closure of shops or production. “In all companies and in particular those with public transport, it is important that hygiene rules are complied with and effective protection measures for employees and visitors to implement”, so the Federation and the Länder.

According to the critical voices in connection with the scamper of Bavaria in the output restrictions the Federal government and the countries now announced close cooperation. Further-reaching regulations due to regional characteristics or epidemiological situations in the countries or districts is thus possible. It was indeed “very drastic measures”. But they are necessary and proportionate.

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