The payment netcapital in 2020-2022 years, an additional $ 500 billion roubles

payment netcapital in 2020-2022 gg. will need additional financing in excess of RUB 500 billion, said the Ministry of labor.

the Government will make changes into the passport of the Federal project “Financial support for families with children” and the passport of the national project “Demography”. In 2020 on the matkapital, an additional $ 111,9 billion roubles, in 2021 — 193.1 billion rubles in 2022 — 250,1 billion rubles.

In the renewed passport of the project “Financial support for families” will make proposals voiced by President Vladimir Putin in the Message to the Federal Assembly. In particular, the duration of the program netcapital will be extended until December 31, 2026

the Right to receive matkapital will be families in whom with January 1, 2020 was born (adopted) first child (466 thousand rbl.). At the birth (adoption) of the second child the size of the parent (family) capital will increase by 150 thousand (616 thousand rubles).