in The last 24 hours, have died of 162 patients, the effect of the corona virus. That’s 23 fewer than they did yesterday, but, according to the virologist is in order, Steven Van Gucht, have also been 241 deaths in Dutch residential care centres have been reported. “This brings the total in 2035,” according to Van Gucht points out that there may be a delay in the reporting of deaths is. The test capacity in Belgium has been greatly increased, it sounds like it’s still there. It will be decided whether people are additionally able to be tested, in addition to the people who are part of the corona virus are being screened.

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Why you better stay on your side”, that is quickly spreading to the feline corona virus is
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What is the corona virus? What are the symptoms? How can infection be avoided? What if you get sick? What measures are there in Belgium? For more about the corona virus death toll in Belgium is even higher: “the Dead in Dutch residential care centres before the 1st of april, have not been included in the figures,”

The official death toll of corona virus in our country, on Tuesday, at 2.035. However, the real number l,…).

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