The passenger-deboshirki attacked the police in Smolensk

In Smolensk two drunken Muscovites were removed from the train Moscow – Brest. To pacify the raging of the passengers were sent to outfit the TSA, reports GTRK “Smolensk”.

Angry workers of the train crew told guards that women first began to drink alcoholic beverages, and then persistently pestering others. The conductors demanded an end to the brawl. However, the 32-year-old and 27-year-old drunk friend that request was ignored. In the end, the head of the train was an act of inappropriate behavior of residents of the capital, after which they refused further passage.

the interior Ministry Officers removed the passengers in Smolensk and suggested to go to the duty part. Not wanting to interrupt their journey, the women began an aggressive attack on the transport police. One of them pounced on the guard with his fists and knocked his camera.

currently, violators were brought to administrative responsibility. In fact the use of violence to guards against debosier will be a procedural decision. The case materials were sent in the UK.

Text: GTRK “Smolensk”