According to the “mixed” results in the cantonal elections of 24. March 2019, the SVP of the Canton of Zurich will organise your party to a new line, say it in the just-sent press release. This step achievements in the interest of national elections in the autumn of 2019.

At the delegates ‘ meeting from next Tuesday, the party President, a member of the Parliament Konrad long and hard, the first Vice-President, national Council of Gregor Rutz, and the second Vice-President, a member of the Parliament, Stefan Schmid of its functions.

looking for: A transitional President for 9 months

The day before, on Monday, convene a meeting of the party, an extraordinary cantonal Board meeting, which approved the reorganization and the Assembly of delegates requested by Tuesday. The Zurich SVP national councillor Barbara Steinemann says: “We are looking for an interim President, and remains until the end of the year in the office.”

The focus would be old, local councillors and former National and Kantonsräte, says Steinemann. But no President of the national councils, and candidates for the elections in the autumn. A possible candidate would be so old cantonal Councilor Rita Fuhrer. Or of the former national Council and SVP-program Director Christoph Mörgeli.

9 seats lost

Still, the President of long and hard, was only three years President of the people’s party. In the spring of 2016, he was elected with 224 votes. Challenger and the national Council Claudio Zanetti came on 174 votes.

Also back also the party Secretary, a member of the Parliament Roland cheque as well as the Deputy party Secretary and party Secretary Christoph bähler will will occur after the electoral defeat now.

The Zurich-based SVP experienced in the cantonal Parliament elections of last Sunday, a bitter setback. In the 180-member Parliament, nine SVP-seats were lost. After all: SVP national councillor Natalie Rickli of the basin in the Zürcher government – if also rather scarce.

long and hard: “Blocher has made his influence”

According to the “tages-Anzeiger” said Christoph Blocher, a power word against the party line. At the party Board meeting on last Tuesday, he had taken the word and the Tariff. Blocher has immediately set up a working party and letting on that he wants a solution to the Assembly of delegates from the next Tuesday.

This says a Zurich SVPler also opposite VIEWS. Blocher himself did not want to comment on the request. The deposed President confirmed: “Mr Blocher has certainly made its influence.” The SVP-Father, however, was not the only one: Also Rita Fuhrer has, according to sources, similarly, we expressed Blocher.

“I’m a pawn sacrifice, but more a bit of responsibility”, so long hard. “I wanted to run the SVP back to the roots, to the base. That to me is too little.” However, he does not believe that the closed resignation of the party Board will solve all the problems of the SVP. The Image of the party will be made at the national level.

Blocher: Not whining but acting

A piece of far, he’ll resign also from its own pieces, the farmer. “If there is in the autumn when the national election losses, and I don’t want to take responsibility.” In addition, he was the wrong man, if internally a harder appearance of the party.

“tele-Blocher,” said the old Federal Council and years of Zürcher SVP-President (1977 to 2003) of Zurich electoral defeat: setbacks before coming again and again. “The SVP has now no time to long bitching about. But must now consider what to do.” (pt)