‘m a spirited woman and want to do everything right and this topic final . Fabienne

For criticism to find the right words, is not so easy. And to make something Good out of it, if one is the recipient of the message-on the right.

In your Mail, it becomes clear that you’re trying very hard to create clear conditions. You have made some good experiences your story in a consultations. It is sensible, however, if you your recipe for success unbraked want your friend press. And a guarantee of a steady relationship of peace, a meticulously reworked past brings.

face the fact that people tick differently. If you are under pressure. Your friend seems to need at the Moment of discussion other than you, and it is important that he gets room for his Experience and his reaction.

What exactly happened with you in the relevant discussions, it is difficult to say. A pattern seems to be, however, that you have a very rare disagreement, when, then but violent. Tried it with a regular Update conversations in everyday life. So things you can address before they grow to you over the head, and reserve for heated moments of build up.

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