The Parliament sent the government of Ukraine to resign

generally Accepted in the Ukraine explanation record the resignation of the Cabinet only six months after the appointment – is as a record decline in ratings of all branches of government, including the President, and literally mocking the behavior of government officials emerged from the “human incubators” oligarch Victor Pinchuk and his partner George Soros. No matter whether it is about their outrageously high salaries, dubious personal conduct, or, to put it mildly, controversial reforms. Regarding the Ukrainians quickly realized that of all the excellent features given to the government in September – “young, educated, honest” – the undisputed can only be considered a youth. Sociology testified about the request of voters for managers with experience, the old “technocrats”, and Zelensky, more than anything concerned about their rating, could not meet.

Photo: stringer/ RIA Novosti What is known about the new head of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

In his speech at the extraordinary session of Parliament, he paid tribute Goncharuk and his team noted some shortcomings – like the fact that customs is more concerned with “likes in Facebook,” not filling the meager budget, and recognized what desperate times call for managers of a different weight. In the end, “young and perspective” in September, Prime Minister Goncharuk, in March, was dismissed by the overwhelming majority of 353 votes.

Trading on the new government and the power unit between Vladimir Zelensky, Rinat Akhmetov, Igor Kolomoisky, Victor Pinchuk, Arsen Avakov, the IMF and embassies of the G7 countries was conducted more than a week. The list of candidates the Premiership has grown to seven people, but only on Tuesday, at a meeting of the faction “party “servant of the people”, was named Prime Minister, for which VeRhona Rada voted. The new head of the Cabinet was Denis Shmyhal – sorokatrehletnyaya a native of the city, the entire biography has worked on various elected and bureaucratic positions in his native region, and visited the Governor of Ivano-Frankivsk region. It is a short time was the head of the plant, which is the holding company of the oligarch Akhmetov, which allowed the Ukrainian media to declare him “man, Rinat”. The latter, in the General opinion, today, changed Igor Kolomoisky as the most approximate to the President of the oligarch, which, however, does not mean disgrace to his traditional rival and counterweight. So, do not forget that the impetus for the resignation Goncharuk was the conflict between him and Kolomoisky of control over the state company “Centrenergo”, in which the latter had won.

Photo: stringer/ RIA Novosti Parliament dismissed Goncharuk as Prime Minister

At the time of signing of this number “RG” Parliament continued the consideration of already known candidates of new Ministers. Key positions should note the conservation in the position of survivor of Ukrainian politics, interior Minister Avakov, who was elected to the position of the “Maidan” in February 2014 patron Nazi groups, any illegal business and organized crime.

In the economic and social bloc of the government that there will be changes instead of explicitly profane without experience and the name to health, industry and Finance can come people with a decent respect for the professional biography and name. But nothing, apparently, will not change foreign policy, and in relation to the “uncontrolled” territories.

for Example, foreign policy Zelensky decided to trust Dmitry Kuleba, the current Deputy Prime Minister for Euroatlantic integration. This character is well known in the Russian PAinterim and diplomats from his days as an official representative of Kiev in PACE: it Kuleba was coordinator of the anti-Russian demarches on this site. His undiplomatic statements about Russia and Russians can put together a brochure, and his love for the “Maidan” and its role in world history and he writes books. The main diplomatic achievement of the Kuleba is the failure of the referendum on ratification of the agreement on Association with Ukraine in the Netherlands. In other words, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry was headed by the worthy successor of Paul klimkina. He Pristayko is supposed to occupy the Vice-Premiership, the Kuleba, which once again underlines the personnel deadlock Zelensky and unwillingness to change anything in the established since Poroshenko Ukrainian foreign policy.

Photo: Peter Sivkov/TASS the Verkhovna Rada has sent in resignation of the Prime Minister of Ukraine

No changes are planned in the relations with the Donbas: Ministry “for occupied territories” was headed by Andrey Reznikov. A native of Lviv, known in narrow circles, the politician municipal scale, the last six months he represents Kiev in the political subgroup of the trilateral talks in Minsk. In its place will remember the intention to radically rewrite the Minsk agreements and other confrontational statements. In Donetsk and Lugansk Reznikov considered the “inability” that underscores the permanence of the “hawkish” policy Poroshenko is already the second government Zelensky.