The Parliament of Kamchatka supported the constitutional amendments

members of the Legislative Assembly of the Kamchatka territory by a majority of votes approved the amendment to the Constitution. The initiative was supported by 23 deputies of the 26. One voted against and two abstained.

Kamchatka was the only region of the Far East, which did not vote before.

“the Laws must move with the times in which we live. The development of the legislative framework should always keep up with the progress, otherwise there is a risk of getting stuck in the last century. Remember when he wrote the 1993 Constitution. This was a critical moment after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when people lived very differently,” — said the Chairman of the legislative Assembly of the Kamchatka territory Valery Raenko.

on Wednesday the law on amendments was adopted by the Federal Parliament and submitted to the regions. Previously, two-thirds of the Legislatures have already supported the amendment. The results of the vote must be approved by the Federation Council. It would then be submitted for consideration to the constitutional court, reports channel “Russia 24”.