In Kazakhstan the parents of 29-year-old Bekzat Mukasheva decided to “cure” his gay son from homosexuality with brain surgery. About this on his page in Instagram wrote him the young man Arman Hassani.

According to him, parents Mukasheva refuse to accept the fact that their son is gay, repeatedly locked his house and beaten. According to Hassani, he was also tracked down and threatened. Several times young men tried to escape, but they still found and returned home. “In January they did the surgery on his head, believing that congenital hydrocephalus, which did not harm their health affects the fact that he’s gay. They believed, as Bekzat will no longer be gay,” he writes.

the Hassani added that after that, they managed to escape to Russia, but Mukasheva had to return to Kazakhstan to make the passport back to fly he did not — the border was closed due to the coronavirus. “They are still a force hold it at home, do not allow us to contact and do not allow lawyers to see him,” he concluded.

June 5 edition of Deutsche Welle reported that the office of Federal lands of Germany — Bundesrat — has approved a law banning reparative (conversion) therapy to change homosexual orientation to heterosexuality. It is noted that the procedures for “correcting” homosexuality can now be punished with imprisonment up to one year. Also prohibits the advertising and intermediation in such services, they face fines of up to 30 thousand euros (over 2.3 million). The law prohibits any action to change or suppress sexual orientation, children and adults, if it is based on deception or coercion. In the case of children under the responsibility could fall, and their parents pushed for it.