the Parade — as many in that sound! Not 9-th, 24-th, not may-June. The spectacle is not for the faint of heart. Do not want and will watch. You can’t miss.

It’s like Mikhalkov anthem: “And still going to listen standing.” Why did he become so attractive right now?

In the USSR of may 9 parade was not. Was November 7 — red letter day, the day of the great October. The weather was repulsive, it was snowing… At the red square marched troops went lumbering tanks, crawled a huge rocket of strategic purpose. So we showed them gruel, they themselves are the Upper Volta with these same missiles, the one and only our pride.

the Mausoleum was climbing Kremlin elders in pikovyj hats. They could barely stand, swaying in the wind; Leonid Ilyich was there own individual heating. As a result, by the end of the Soviet regime parades symbolized the power of the state and its dust, rot. Finale and apotheosis: just live comrade Brezhnev, on 7 November 1982. Three days later he was gone.

the Parade may 9 — is another matter. Whoever coined to postpone the celebration on this Holy date, worthy of special mention in the tablets. The parade on may 9 returned the ceremony to the soul. Coincided with the true history alive, not fictional, real. This is a holiday with tears in his eyes.

That’s why it’s so important now. So he became a part of us all. Those who made the great Victory cult, knew, know what they are doing. I think the current generation of Russian leadership has that right.

one may reproach them for PR in the Holy. To say that they are not offering the country a real update, giving output in the future, all rounded out on the triumph and tragedy 75 years ago of the twentieth century. They say this might be the last generation for whom the Victory in the great Patriotic war is sacred.

Did Vladimir Putin has no right to go in the “Immortal regiment” with a portrait of those who fought and wounded in the war, dad? Does he, Putin, did not remain in the soul, forever settled the terrible pain, the memory of the deceased in the siege of Leningrad two years older brother Victor, whom he never saw, never knew.

you Can talk about cunning, crafty power, Nagasawa, as if anew revived this festival, which has made it into an absolute, but a sincere, reverent attitude to the Victory of these people can’t take that away.

Why are liberals so easily, hopelessly gave the Victory, separated from her? If the government frames the subject, touches her with his own hands — then we will shout about “pobedobesie”? If the government took under its wing the action “Immortal regiment” — so we will never go to this multi-million dollar procession with portraits, abandon him? We will talk about “non-existent” feat Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy about “not the former never” 28 Panfilov. That cave if not for Hitler’s anti-Semitism, the Soviet intelligentsia supported him during the invasion of the USSR.

Why put yourself on the wrong path of history, to repeat, to multiply stupidity? I know a lot of liberals — the true Russian patriots, but why take the state about war?

you Can somehow relate to the TV propagandists (and you know how I feel about them), it is possible to despise them, laugh at them, but on 22 June all (all!) the participants of the show of Vladimir Solovyov began with the words pain, repentance, sorrow, the memory of their heroic (then they were all heroes of the whole nation, the whole country) relatives. And spoke, they uttered these words with all my heart, from the heart. For them it is very important, because they have the right to say this about the war, so to understand, to feel it.

And the parade of the 24th of June… so, again, the highest ratings, again, the whole country watched without stopping. And brave guys on the parade ground, and girls! And elegant Chinese company — as it was, pulling the leg, absolutely anyone not paying attention. And Dad Lukashenko somewhere far away, in the second row, not next to the “Leonid Ilyich.” Fantastic footage straight from the mouth of a cannon, from the cockpit… Imperial quasimomenta Russia, red stars, gold dome. Yes, we can. I can repeat it.

but why after two weeks of veterans health care is not planted at a distance from each other — do not understand. Veterans should be protected, because they have so little.

“Liberation” permanently

“Liberation” by Yuri Ozerov. Once this film we thought poster, pompous, propaganda. And now look — wow! A real trench truth.

it May have settled over time. Maybe the background of the current crafts about the war this movie now looks like a giant Gulliver among the Lilliputians. We were brought up in intimate, private war, Rostotsky, Chukhrai, Tarkovsky, Larissa Shepitko, from which the personal drama of each become high tragedy. But now, almost 50 years after the first release, and “Release” seem like a masterpiece.

After all these battle scenes filmed without any computer, live. But there are some nuances, details! What young, beautiful Larisa Golubkina! And Nikolay Olyalin! The Nose, tank! And Michael Nozhkin and “a little More, a little bit…”! And Shukshin — bald shaved Marshal Konev! And, of course, Ulyanov — beetles. And Stalin, when the whole country came to a standstill at the TV, with a gasp, looking at his former idol. And the best Hitler of all times and peoples (bite my tongue) — Fritz Diez! And Kuravlev, radio operator, met in the Fuhrer’s bunker Goebbels just before his suicide: “Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to the toilet?” The anecdote, becomes a truth.

…Then Yuri Ozerov decided to repeat and made “Soldiers of freedom”. In a small but starring Leonid Brezhnev starred people’s artist of the USSR Yevgeny Matveyev, whole classes of schoolchildren were rounded up to the sessions, but… now this show is all forgotten like a bad dream, like it never existed. Because it was conjecture, nothing more. And “Liberation” remained. “Release” forever.