“In most cases, errors in completing the Declaration associated with inattention, – noted in the Ministry of labor. – Often make mistakes on the title page, correctly indicate the names of the anti-corruption unit, confusing the address of a native registration. It is often the case when reporting the ownership of the country, provide data about the house, and forget about the plot”.

If the error is in the Declaration is associated with a desire to conceal the proceeds of crime, it is a matter of law enforcement. But in most cases we are talking about the mistakes.

Another common source of error is associated with the Bank accounts, the Ministry added. People look up information about the account balance via sms from the Bank, not the Bank statement. This happen when testing mismatch of the amounts which attract the fighters against corruption.

Declarants often confuse the position, occupation and place of employment of the spouses forget about a year ago, sold the car, rented apartments, mistaken when specifying the location of their property, lists the lawyer Oksana Obukhova.

“Forget to set or confuse the details of the liabilities for loans and credits, especially decorated by someone from the family members, she continues. – While necessary to specify every obligation of a financial nature in the amount of 500 thousand rubles, where the debtor or the creditor is himself an official or his relatives”.

Not every error in the Declaration might lead to serious consequences, like the lawyer and the mediator Yuri Built. Not followed by severe punishment, if the magnitude of the error was less than 20% of the annual family income of civil servants. Shall not be considered substantial withholding of data on accounts, which have less than 10 thousand rubles, the omission in the Declaration of income from selling the car cheaper than 300 thousand rubles.

“If the filer had timely discovered the error and filed clarifying information, that no one responsible will not attract, as well as for errors of which it is impossible to see any signs of corruption, adds partner of law firm a.t.Legal Alexander Pavlovsky. – Intentional distortion of the Declaration may lead to audits, attraction to disciplinary and even criminal liability, as well as the confiscation of undeclared property”.

to help fill the Declaration, the Ministry of labor annually updates guidelines on providing information about income, expenses, about property and obligations of property character, and filling out the appropriate form of reference, noted in the Department. And is recommended for perfect filling the form read them carefully and scrupulously to rewrite data of the originals of all the documents of ownership, wages and assets.