The world must adapt to pandemic coronavirus and enter a short-term or local quarantines, says the former head of the world Union of doctors of the WMA, the Israeli doctor, Professor Leonid Eidelman. He is convinced that a total quarantine, which now exists in many countries, can destroy health systems.

Adelman is convinced that a total quarantine primarily affects the economy and inevitably leads to a crisis, write RIA “Novosti”. He noted that in such circumstances, governments are beginning to cut health funding.

“Investment in health is reduced, with the result longer queues for surgery and for examination. As a result, people do not have sufficient funds to buy medicines. A disaster in terms of health of the population caused by the economic crisis, will be much more than a medical catastrophe, caused directly by the virus,” said the doctor.

According to the Professor, to live in new waves in the fashion industry, tens of millions have before the advent of safe vaccines from COVID-19. He predicts that it will be not until next year. “The virus will not go away. It will remain, and there will be new outbreaks in different places over time throughout this year and possibly for next year. The illusion that people really wanted to believe that in the near future will have a vaccine, it was clear that this is an illusion,” said the doctor.

Informed doctor of biology, Professor, School of systems biology, GMU (USA) Ancha Baranova said that the termination of the pandemic coronavirus depends on the evolution of the virus and acquired immunity. Meanwhile, program Director of the world health organization emergency health Michael Ryan said that in some countries are already experiencing the peak incidence of re-COVID-19, the Agency reports Nation News.