The pandemic has overtaken one hundred thousand Russians abroad: tourists lined up to return

the Russian Embassy in Spain is doing everything to tourists in Tenerife in a short time returned Home. Working to provide additional aircraft. In addition, the difficulties Russians have in Chile, the Philippines and Montenegro. From that country on 19 March should be back about six hundred of our countrymen.

the Long road home – in their case it is not commonplace and certainly not a mere figure of speech.

“We were not allowed to leave Montenegro, the plane. Said that can not agree with the government of Montenegro. Sitting at the airport, on the street. Then we opened the door to the toilet of the airport, brought us water, cookies,” — said the Russian tourist Svetlana Kulakova.

Water, food — all provided by the employees of the Russian Embassy. From the welcoming Montenegro – nothing.

“there were people who have already succumbed to panic, because the second day was waiting. But there have arrived representatives of Ministry of foreign Affairs, brought us water, tried to support us. And those who wait until the evening, those were taken by bus to Podgorica. And loaded on Board of Aeroflot. Well, that plane was big, we could all fly away” — happy Tatiana Semenova.

150 people who were able to return Home, it is only the first group of tourists. Another 1,000 passengers of the airline “Victory” will take in the coming days. Podgorica official permission to fly until the last was not given. But put forth the condition: ready to open skies in exchange for free home delivered Montenegrin citizens. In fact, blackmailed Moscow and took the Russians hostage.

“Tonight, “Victory” has received the permission of the authorities of Montenegro for the execution of two export flights. This means that already the evening of March 19, we will bring two full plane of our clients, Russian citizens home. We are thrilled with this news. But unfortunately, even after two flights now left in limbo the question of returning home to approximately 500 people”, — explained a press-the Secretary of airline “Victory” Elena Selivanova.

Returning home is waiting for tourists on the island of Tenerife, where, according to the Russian Embassy, has now been blocked 150 Russians.

“Yesterday, we had to return to Warsaw, we had tickets for the return flight. However, due to the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 Poland closed its borders. And our flight was cancelled. We bought tickets in Barcelona to Minsk, from there to Kaliningrad. Spent about one hundred thousand rubles. Today both these flight cancelled. A refund of the airline, we promise, but don’t do,” complains Ksenia Smirnova.

Initially, to evacuate tourists assumed the regular Aeroflot flights, which twice a day take off from Madrid. But to get to the Spanish mainland is impossible due to the restrictions that the Kingdom introduced on domestic flights. Now, according to the Russian Embassy, in Tenerife waiting for the big Board of Aeroflot, which should deliver citizens in Moscow.

“we Have some amount of money. Roughly speaking, we expect 3-4 Euro per day in order to eat. But on 24 March the government of Spain closes all hotels, we do not know where we will live”, — said Natalia Romanova.

the situation is Similar in the Philippines. 320 tourists on different Islands where the mainland to Manila to get. The efforts of the Russian diplomats deliver their boats to the organization of spitzbart people were gathered in one place. 70 citizens unable to return from Chile. Many tickets are bought from budget airlines or foreign carriers, who are citing force majeure the money for tickets not returned. And no alternative possibilities for the return flight is not ready to give.

“the 100,000 Russian tourists, independent and organized, in many different countries abroad. But regular and Charter flights continue to run. Today’s good news: airlines S7 and “trouble” will perform flights from Podgorica (Montenegro). Difficult situation persists in Morocco, the Philippines, Spain”, — says Vice-President of the Association of tour operators of Russia Dmitry Gorin.

regular work for the return of Russian citizens are diplomats and carriers. The CPS reminds us all coming from abroad must observe a two-week quarantine. However, for those who, because of circumstances he doesn’t get home from the forced isolation will be rather welcome.