the Palm is In comparison to modern devices such as the pixels 4 with 5.7-inch screen or the iPhone 11 Pro Max with a 6.5-inch Display, a dwarf. Just 3.3 inches is a measure of the diagonal of the screen, the Smartphone is barely larger than a business card. There are no other small Android Phone that is available during normal trading.

The brand name has nothing to do with the original manufacturer of PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant). Nevertheless, the concept of the tiny Smartphones is actually convincing. You have a second device, for all the situations in which you would like to be a big Smartphone is not lugging.

So, for example, in the holidays, in the output, or to the family celebration. The big advantage of the Palm: Although the device is smaller than a classic phone with keyboard, you still use the full Smartphone Power available. Because on the device normal Android is running, so you can use all the Apps as usual.

in fact, the Palm fits in anywhere. In the pocket you will hardly feel it, you can grab it, even in a wallet. The compact design also has disadvantages. Because on the 3.3-inch screen, you can use Apps hardly. The place is already very scarce, especially if you want to enter something with the keyboard.

Palm is wasteful in space and price.

Although given the Palm of effort to make the menu with an own Skin easy to operate. However, this only works well if you use so many Apps. And as soon as you open Apps, you realize immediately that these are not set up for small screens.

Because it annoys a that Palm turning so wasteful with the square deal. The edges around the Screen are thick, as you could have a larger Display use. At a price of at least 449 Swiss francs, for example at, we would have expected that somehow.

Strange that the manufacturer marketed the Smartphone primarily as a “drop-out”device, but still use all the features of a purely grabs, the holding has a Smartphone. Since the concept is not.

As the only device it can good for to many things to little, as the second unit it is too expensive. And for a real drop-out-Phone a lot of functions are missing. You can enable in the settings, calls, and notifications in Standby mode does not come through, but a volume slider or at least a switch to the Palm, simply mute that is missing. You have the rules always been troublesome in the menus.

The cameras are amazing, too Bad good for a Mini-Gadget

because, actually, the manufacturer makes things right. The Palm Phone is well made, seems very solid and IP68 Standard is not in accordance with the waterproof and dust. The 12-Megapixel main camera and 8-Megapixel make Selfiecam better photos, as you would expect in such a Mini-Gadget.

The 32 GB of built-in memory are expandable. The 800 mAh big battery spends no miracle, but it’s sufficient for a device that you don’t use the all day intensive. Palm is relying on outdated Android 8, disappointed as well as too many pre-installed Apps.

VIEW-test conclusion: Palm wants a lot of the Mini-Smartphone. Instead of focusing on a niche, there’s a little bit of everything. Makes sense as a Mini-mobile phone as a secondary device. It should be but half as expensive. And since you would be tapping so much with the keyboard, it makes more sense to make the phone a little wider.