recently, they moved into their new home in Frogmore Cottage. But now Harry (34) and Duchess Meghan (37) is imminent for Prince may soon be the next Züglete: How the British newspaper “Sunday Times” reported, would even forged expatriate plans. Sir David Manning is behind these plans, the former British Ambassador to the United States. He is now special Advisor to the two princes, William (36) and Harry. Manning was anxious to procure Harry a international Job.

To Canada, Australia or Botswana?

in the next year the decision is to be made, it means more. And for this, several possible options were envisaged, such as a source for the “Sunday Times” says, including a Job as a so-called Governor-General in Australia or Canada.

The ability to send the Pair to Canada, but was rejected because the Ex-actress Meghan (“Suits”) lived for seven years in the country and to very in the proximity of the US tabloid media would have called it. To bring Harry to Australia, and had also been dropped.

As the ideal target have turned out to be, however, in Africa, it means more. To the continent the Couple have a special affinity: Harry in 2006 to built a Charity organization in Botswana, in addition, he and Meghan had a crush on a Safari in the country in the South of the continent.

Harry and Meghan want to really Matter is not the way

where: the main thing is, the Couple is moving abroad, is the Credo of the competent panel of experts in the Palace. This would welcome, therefore, particularly Prince William. “It would fit him, if his brother would leave the country for a few years and if he knew Meghan as far away as possible,” says the Insider.

But moving on is not necessarily what Harry and Meghan want to. It would happen already now, in the Frogmore Cottage, as in the exile. “You feel like you are exposed to,” said the well-Known. You have just Meghan and Harry with the move out of the city, actually a bit out of the spotlight. Now, however, the Royals would fear that this Plan could fail and would build two of a kind of private company that threatened to spiral out of control, it means more. The Insider: “The Palace, feverishly thinking now, how he can tighten the reins again, firmer.” Apparently, regardless of whether here or in Botswana. (wyt)