Michael Wendler (46) and his girlfriend Laura Müller (18) stand on 30. April at the airport of Miami. In the case of the student, the bitter tears flowing, crying, she clings to the Wendler. Shot the photos of the ��picture” available, a waiting passenger. But why have Years of tears in the 18? Separated the Pair after the drama of Jealousy?

Laura has to fly Economy, the Wendler Business

Yes, at least for a few hours. “She began suddenly to weep, and he comforted them, took them in the Arm,” says the passenger, the tears Show in the newspaper. “We didn’t know what was going on. Until the Boarding started and he was first, getting separated from his girlfriend, as the Business Class was called. You got in until later, was obviously on the Economy Class booked.”

The Michael Wendler says to the tears-Drama

Faced with Laura’s emotional outburst Michael Wendler stated that he had actually booked other flights. Spontaneously he had to earlier to Mallorca. He booked a Business-Class-flight – Laura had to look in the tube.

“Laura is not found, it is of course a pity that we fly together. That’s why I booked on my flight, however, there were no Business courses. That’s why you flew Eco.” That was for a teenager so dramatically that she could not hold back the tears. The Wendler sees the Positive: “But we were able to fly at least.”

Smoothly, the flight was not yet – on the contrary. According to the “image” had to make an emergency landing the aircraft, because a passenger on Board had a heart attack. (euc)