the Owners of the British Borth zoo, Wild Animal Kingdom, which was called the worst in the country, threatening to kill all animals because of lack of money for food for them because of the epidemic of the coronavirus. This writes the Daily Mail.

Masters, a couple of Tweedy — claim that their funds will only last for a week of food for animals. Then the owners are getting ready to euthanize them, but regard it as an extreme measure. Mrs. Tweedy added that after the winter season they are barely making ends meet, and now, more than ever in need of assistance.

According to her, buying food for a week costs about three thousand pounds (more than 260 thousand rubles). When the money runs out, the couple will have to find a way to return the animals home. However, for many Pets it is impossible, as exotic species require special and expensive care, says Tweedy. In addition, some specimens were saved from the hands of smugglers, and Borth Wild Animal Kingdom has become a real sanctuary.

the Problems of the zoo began with the death of two lynx in 2017. Then followed the death of several animals. As a result, in January 2020, the zoo decided to close because of lack of specially trained Riflemen in the event of escape of animals. However, in February Chet Tweedy was allowed to resume business.

Earlier in such a situation were animals in Germany. There the Director of the zoo said that will be forced to feed some animals to others because of lack of money for their maintenance. The owners built the list of Pets that are euthanized in the first place.