In a local eatery in Winterthur ZH in the Canton of Zurich police force was made on Friday with a nasty Fund: The stock of the restaurant, around 100 kilograms of meat gammelten. The food Inspectorate closed the operation on Monday. Reason: General sanitary defects.

it is reported As the “Winterthurer Zeitung” now, the Gammelbeiz the Restaurant bears to the riedhof road.

the owner of Karl Sax (63) is outraged. Says he: “The tenant has shopped for cheap goods. He understands nothing from the hosts!”

“and I couldn’t cancel”

Earlier, Sax has led the pickling. “Very successful,” he says. Only four and a half years, he leased them to the Kosovars Arbanit K.*.

Then it rained increasingly complaints. “Not because of the food,” says Sax. Rather, the way the operator had handled his staff. “He has put the chefs under massive pressure. So he has lost some good people,” he says.

Actually, the Sax would have dissolved the contract. Prefer a new operator set: “The tenant I wanted to get rid of a long time. But he paid once every month, so I could not terminate him just like that.”

radiator out

To the rotten incident was but got it only because on Friday, the cooling unit is off. “He has shown that it is indeed the same repair. On the weekend he probably ran. Cheap meat can’t handle that,” says Sax.

The tenant that he will terminate immediately. The Restaurant must now stay at least a month closed. “Now, renovation work on stand for the first time. I’m going to replace the older devices and the Store back on track,” promises the owner.

Whether he will run the pub again, or a new tenant is looking, he doesn’t yet know. Sax is hopeful: “After this low point it is now and again uphill.”

* the Name has been changed