He is an IT entrepreneur, a multiple owner and likes to stay undetected: The German Christian Schmid (38) has been awarded the contract for the castle Eugene Berg in salenstein, TG. For the estimated 35 million Swiss francs, he bought the property from the bankruptcy estate of the deceased Pleitiers Rolf Erb (†65), high above the submarine (EYES reported). Schmid plans to live there with his wife.

Now the media-shy Schmid reports from the vacation in Egypt, and even sends a photo of himself and his wife Alexandra (40). And he gives up more from his life. “At the Moment I have no active company. I continue to educate myself and develop electronic devices, but currently without specific intention, it is a business,” said Schmid to VIEWS. His wife is currently setting up his own interior design company.

Schmid wants to daily walk in the estate lust

The purchase price for the castle he wants to say anything. The size of the order of 35 million Swiss francs was “realistic”. The whole process had dragged on for several months. It was “inconvenient” that he visited in the holidays, when the sale was communicated.

The “world week,” says Schmid, that he was planning to already be living in the castle. He would soon walk daily on his property, he’ll come out much too rarely. The Few that are currently still in Küssnacht am Rigi, SZ lives, originally wanted no lock.

In a year-reins date

At the first appointment to the Erb-lock Schmid was convinced immediately to have the desired object is found. Wife, Alexandra white, however, just speechless, the “world week”. At the second visit to the property, both would have made then but already thinking about the use of the individual rooms and their furnishings.

In a year is reins of appointment. The new owner then want to draw only once to the manor. And two years later, after the Renovation of the castle – then move again.

Eugen mountain is not the first castle owned by the Schmid: In Germany, he is the owner of Schloss Roseck in the province of Tübingen. In 2013, he acquired the Villa Margaritha in Vitznau LU of entrepreneurs, Dany Bahar. The sale caused a sensation, because the Unia, which sold the property to Bahar, had been rejected by Schmid as a buyer previously.

in 1819, by a step-son of Napoleon

Schmid was built has bought a historic property in the first place. In 1990, Rolf ERB’s father, Hugo (†85) bought the property. Eugene hill was built in 1819 by Eugène de Beauharnais (1781-1824), a stepson of Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821). The Erbs of the historic buildings of the historic building. They built, among other things, the 3300 cubic meters of water in the barrel at the end of the swimming pool, the Canopy of the entrance section in the style of a neo-classical portico, as well as a garage office security tunnel to the living quarters.

in 2003, the opaque Empire of the Erbs went bankrupt. The group left behind more than six billion Swiss francs of debt. Behind the bankruptcy of Swissair, it is today the second-largest corporate bankruptcy in Switzerland. Rolf Erb (†65) had overwritten the castle of his then one-year-old twins, and to avoid trying so that it falls into the hands of the creditors.