Even from the height of bird flight, which was rather provincial mazes of Vitebsk master of avant-garde art of the past century Marc Chagall with Bella, his refined Muse, would hardly recognise today the outlines of his native land. She over the years not only the architectural look younger, say historians, but also added to their outfits only for these summer days more than six thousand trees and nearly 290 thousands of colors.

But the excitement and opportunities of the city authorities, of course, not limited to this, BelTA informs. Nearly two dozen small architectural forms is planned to establish in various parts of the greybeards of the city this year, officials said. Ancillary architectural structures and decorative elements will be about administrative and public buildings. They are perfectly embedded in the landscape an urban streets and squares.

On a site near the Vitebsk branch of international University “MITSO”, in particular, students and professors will welcome the sharp-eyed Owl, and favorite childhood Hippo is preparing a platform near shopping centre “Gippo”.

the imagination of the designers always running ahead of emotions. They do not doubt, for example, that bench “Lantern with an umbrella” gives more comfort and space on Kosmonavtov street. With the help of small will be decorated and the trees near the railway station.

in addition, when the city’s preparations for the July festival “Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk” will be completed and the Freedom square. And to feast farmers, whose capital will also be a regional centre, it has casters on the decorations for the square near the railway station.

Completed landscaping and construction of footpaths in Park of the 1000th anniversary of Vitebsk, on the territory adjacent to new residential neighborhoods Bilev, said the Agency. In addition, the beginning of the year managed to complete more than 20 playgrounds, to acquire approximately 250 units of the game equipment.

As already told “the UNION”, provided in Vitebsk and development of historical buildings in the city near where the brilliant Marc Chagall spent his formative years. Here and now impossible to pass indifferent by his monument, looking at which admired precisely rendered in sculpture, the essence of his art: musician in painting, playing on the strings of the soul.

And in Museum storerooms millennial city, according to the critics, collected about three hundred original graphic works, including etchings and aquatint of the Belarusian nugget. Among them are illustrations for the poem by Nikolai Gogol “Dead souls”, a series of color lithographs on the theme of “the Bible” and series “Twelve tribes of Israel.” The pride of the Museum are more than one hundred works of graphic art European mAthe year.